NuVo App Adds Streaming

nuvo-streaming-0314NuVo Technologies has released a new iOS feature for its Player Portfolio app that allows users to stream content stored on any iOS device directly to the NuVo system. The NuVo Player App version 1.8.1, available now for download, enables direct stream capability for iOS devices using iOS 6 or later. It supports track selection, volume control and more.

The audio files residing on the device itself are fully accessible provided both the device and the NuVo Player Portfolio system are on the same network. When connected, each iPhone or iPad becomes another audio source, the content of which is accessible as a library within the app and can be listened to by any zone on the system. As many as 16 streams can be accessed simultaneously, and the app provides controls for play/pause, next song/last song, and shuffle mode.

The app update featuring Direct Stream will work on all iPhones and iPads running iOS 6 or later; a firmware update (version 1.8.1) to the Player Portfolio is also required. When the updated app is opened, it will automatically prompt users to complete the system update and also offer a brief tutorial on using iOS direct stream.

Here are all the details.