THE #1 AV NEWS PUBLICATION. PERIOD. Announces ISE 2024 Plans ise 2024 will be present at ISE 2024 (Jan. 30 to Feb. 2 at Fira Barcelona Gran Via) showcasing the integration of its digital signage software platform with IoT technology and facial recognition to enable companies to interact with their customers, capture valuable data and increase sales.

At its booth 6H680, will showcase the new IoT module of its platform that enables engagement with audiences using facial recognition cameras, NFC, RFID, QR codes, touchless sensors and voice recognition systems that unveil enormous possibilities to generate and capture interactive and dynamic information in real time.

Visitors to the booth will be able to see the most compelling benefits of the IoT pairing with a digital signage cloud platform like, such as improved customer engagement, the delivery of more personalized experiences based on the audience, and the ability to generate measurable conversations in the right place, with the right person, in the right format.

In this sense, the booth will show how a screen connected to a facial recognition camera can be used to obtain data such as gender and age range to adjust the content to the parameters of the person watching it. In other words, will show how facial recognition helps companies to personalize the content of their screens according to their audience.

The company will also showcase the BI (business intelligence) module of its platform that converts data into dashboards from various sources to view audience analytics, content broadcast data or connectivity with POS systems, capturing more information of interest to a business, whether in a checkout area in a supermarket, in a store, in an aisle of a shopping mall or in an airport terminal, among others.

Visitors to the booth at ISE 2024 will also be able to see in action one of the platform’s most popular resources, applets, which are html5 applications that deliver unique, interactive, animated, dynamic and customizable content to screens and save production time and costs.

Also, attendees will see how software maximizes the visual effect on LED screens and simplifies content management in an intuitive and efficient way. Thus, with there is no need to invest in a video scaler as the same platform makes its own processing, which greatly saves installations in LED projects.