Tea Shop Chooses’s Digital Signage Platform to Digitize its 100 Stores

tea shop

Tea Shop, the first Spanish chain selling fresh tea in bulk, has chosen‘s digital signage platform to digitize its nearly 100 stores in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Brazil and Argentina to offer a more attractive, dynamic and personalized shopping experience for its customers.

The company, founded in 1990 and offering more than 140 varieties of tea in its stores, was looking to improve the customer experience and adapt to emerging technology trends in the retail sector.

“Our needs were focused on optimizing interaction with consumers, providing detailed information about our products in a dynamic and efficient way, as well as highlighting promotions and special events in a more effective way,” recalls Ana María Avilés Pinto, Marketing & Communication Manager at Tea Shop. “In addition, we were looking for a solution that would allow a more agile and centralized management of content in all our stores,” she adds.

Tea Shop’s choice of software was based on the combination of experience in the market, flexibility in the solutions, integration capacity, technological quality and a good after-sales service, in the words of its Marketing Manager. In most of the stores, a 55” high brightness screen has been installed vertically as a showcase, and another 22” touch screen inside where customers can consult the digital catalog with all the varieties of teas. All these displays are managed by players. The displays enable Tea Shop to enhance the visibility of its wide range of products through dynamic, attractive and up-to-date visual presentation in real time. This makes it easy for shoppers to explore its offerings and discover new varieties, enhancing their in-store experience.

“In addition, the displays offer us the opportunity to effectively communicate promotions, special events and relevant information about our products,” continues Aviles Pinto. “We wanted to strengthen the connection with our customers by providing personalized and updated content in real time.”

With, Tea Shop can manage and display content dynamically on their screens. In addition, the platform allows them to schedule all content, enabling automatic planning and updating of messages on the displays at different times of the day or in response to specific events, and ensuring efficient management of visual information.

“This means Tea Shop can easily adapt messaging, promotions and content based on the latest news, events or inventory changes, keeping customers informed and engaged,” says Aviles Pinto.

Tea Shop’s own Marketing department operates the platform autonomously. “We are greatly helped by its intuitive interface, and thanks to this our team is able to manage and update the content of the displays efficiently, without the need for advanced technical skills,” concludes the manager.

Thanks to, a complete ecosystem has been created to support Tea Shop in the development of its digitalization strategy.