Mackie Launches Reach All-In-One Pro-Grade PA


Mackie today announced a new professional-grade PA system called Mackie Reach. Featuring Bluetooth music streaming, a six-channel digital mixer, and a control app for iOS and Android, Reach is a self-contained PA system. Integrated with a new ARC array, which they say provides “clearer” sound in large-audience environments, and EarShot — personal monitoring system, the six-channel digital mixer (controlled via the Mackie Connect app) allows the user to control everything from levels, EQ and FX to sound-enhancing tools.

The ARC (Amplified Radial Curve) high frequency array technology in Reach utilizes three horizontally angled high-frequency drivers paired with dual vertically spaced high-output low-frequency drivers, providing 150 degrees of coverage for optimal sound quality, even for audiences spread over a wide or deep area. Combined with the EarShot personal monitoring system, you get a total of 250 degrees of room coverage for ultimate versatility.

The Mackie Reach Professional PA System will be available worldwide beginning December, 2015 and will list for $1,249. Here’s more information.