Meridian Audio Introduces the 818V3 Reference Audio Core, a Home Audio System Hub

meridian-818v3-1015Meridian Audio just unveiled the 818V3 Reference Audio Core, marketing it as the ultimate home audio system hub. Part of the Meridian 800 Reference Series, the 818V3 is more than a pre-amplifier as it includes triple FIFO buffering, DSP unsampling and apodizing filters, a linear power supply and a new master oscillator with 40 percent lower jitter for further improved audio performance. Connectivity includes the Meridian SpeakerLink, enabling ultimate quality and convenience when driving Meridian DSP loudspeakers, as well as balanced and single-ended pre-amplifier outputs for connection with non-Meridian electronics.

An addition to the 818V3 is its new analog output card featuring an upgraded circuit with filtering that broadens the bandwidth and maximizes the potential of high-resolution music. This latest model fully supports decoding of MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) sources for true studio quality replay, and its new chip also brings lip-sync control and DSD (DoP) playback.

This third generation comes standard in black and costs $16,000 but it’s part of Meridian’s Select Program color service, opening-up a choice of 270 colors for an $800 premium.

All the tech specs are here.