Mackie Announces Additions to ProFXv3 Series With 3 New ‘Plus’ Models

mackie profxv3 series

Mackie introduced additions to its ProFXv3 series, expanding the lineup with three new “plus” models. Mackie’s ProFX series “set the standard for low noise and high performance in a portable, compact package and ProFXv3 has defined that legacy even further, delivering stellar sound and intuitive workflow while adding features that deliver professional mixing tools for life and studio.”

ProFX6v3+, ProFX10v3+ and ProFX12v3+ bring a host of new features, including switchable USB recording modes, bidirectional Bluetooth audio and a beefed up new GigFX+ effects engine with 12 upgraded, customizable effects, including Mackie’s EQ and one-button compression. The full-color LCD screen lets you see, edit, save and instantly recall your preset parameters on the fly.

Capture a stream or performance at 24-bit / 192 kHz quality with the built-in 2×4 USB-C audio interface. Choose from three recording modes: Standard mode captures a full mix, including GigFX+ effects and EQ. Interface mode sends a clean mix with no effects or EQ, allowing users to continue to mix in their DAW software. Loopback mode lets users mix computer audio into a recording — ideal for video game streaming or playing music over backing tracks, according to Mackie.

There’s a range of inputs to connect sources, including mic inputs featuring Mackie’s Onyx mic preamps (delivering up to 60 dB of gain with ultra-low noise). Inputs also include 48V phantom power, 100 Hz low-cut filters and Hi-Z switches to connect instruments, as well as stereo 1/8-inch aux inputs. Monitor via headphone output, using the blend knob to mix between the direct signal and a DAW output for latency-free monitoring.

Waveform OEM recording software is included. Also, the new ProFXv3+ series gives users Mackie’s “Built-Like-A-Tank construction,” housed in a solid steel chassis with ABS side protection.

ProFXv3+ mixers will be sold on and at participating retailers with the following MAPs:

  • ProFX6v3+: $249.99
  • ProFX10v3+: $329.99
  • ProFX12v3+: $419.99

It is available now, and here are the details: visit