Bose Pro Intros L1 Pro Portable Line Array Systems

October 27, 2020

Bose Pro today introduces the Bose L1 Pro portable line array systems. The L1 Pro systems are designed for on-the-go audio applications for singer-songwriters, mobile DJs and bands. The three new systems are the L1 Pro8, the L1 Pro16 and L1 Pro32 with its choice of two subwoofers. A RaceTrack woofer design integrated into the […]

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Mackie Drops Portable SRM-Flex Column PA System

October 2, 2019

Today Mackie announces its latest entry into the portable PA market, the all-new SRM-Flex Portable Column PA System. Using a lightweight design, SRM Series sound quality, a six-channel digital mixer and wireless control and streaming, SRM-Flex is designed for all portable PA system applications. The modular design of SRM-Flex features a 10″ LF woofer in the molded cabinet […]

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AmpliVox Intros Dual Audio Pal Compact PA

September 26, 2018

AmpliVox Sound Systems has launched a new version of its SW245B Dual Audio Pal, a Bluetooth-equipped compact sound system for audiences up to 300 people. The ultra-portable 50W Dual Audio Pal delivers crisp, clear sound from up to two microphones at once and also streams music and other audio for all types of indoor and […]

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Anchor Will Launch Next Generation PA System

February 15, 2018

Anchor Audio will launch a new generation of portable PA systems on March 1, 2018. This new generation of portable audio products promise to deliver clear, dependable audio with improved simplicity and reliability for customers. The most significant changes include the implementation of a new wireless platform, AnchorLink, operating in the 1.9 GHz frequency range and new Lithium […]

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Bose Professional Debuts S1 Pro Multi-Position PA System

January 23, 2018

Bose Professional is debuting the S1 Pro multi-position PA system — an all-in-one PA, floor monitor, practice amplifier and primary music system. Designed for general PA use, the S1 Pro is 15 pounds (6.8 kilograms) and with dimensions of 13″ x 9.5″ x 11.2″ (330 x 241 x 286 millimeters), it easily fits in an airplane’s overhead compartment. The […]

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JBL Pro Intros JBL PRX800 Series of Wireless PAs

October 12, 2017

The JBL PRX800 series from JBL claims to be the most advanced PA in its class. Wi-Fi technology and DSP give you control over system tuning and performance via the free PRX Connect app. An efficient 1500-watt class-D amplifier and patented JBL Differential Drive technology provide best-in-class power and reduced weight. And the rugged all-wood cabinets feature […]

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New AmpliVox Digital Audio Travel Partner Plus PA System Debuts

September 19, 2017

AmpliVox Sound Systems has introduced an upgraded version of its all-in-one PA system, adding a better battery and better sound quality for large venues. The SW925 Digital Audio Travel Partner Plus can support wireless microphones, stream music from Bluetooth-equipped devices and pair with supplementary speakers to provide customized sound coverage for audiences up to 7500 people or areas up to 15,000 square […]

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VocoPro Launches Battery-Powered PA System With Integrated LED Projector

April 17, 2017

VocoPro today announced its new K-CAST product, what they are claiming as the world’s first battery-powered PA system with an on-board LED projector. The K-Cast’s portable PA system has a 12-inch woofer and horn tweeter pumping out 120 watts of power. The back panel includes an integrated LED projector and a guitar input jack, as well as controls […]

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Harman JBL Intros EON ONE PRO Rechargeable Portable PA

April 6, 2017

HARMAN Professional Solutions today unveiled the JBL EON ONE PRO rechargeable portable personal linear-array PA. The EON ONE Pro combines the sound quality of a professional system with the convenience and portability of a self-contained, battery-powered solution. Featuring Bluetooth audio, a seven-channel mixer and a rechargeable lithium battery that lasts six hours, EON ONE Pro is designed for portable and rental applications […]

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DENON Intros ENVOI Portable Battery-Powered PA System

January 3, 2017

Envoi is a compact AC/battery-powered PA system designed for professional-grade sound reinforcement to an outdoor event or large interior space when there is no access to AC power. Envoi can operate for up to 12 hours off its built-in rechargeable battery, which provides a cord-free power supply for its powerful internal Class D amplifier. The […]

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Anchor Audio’s Bigfoot and Beacon Line Arrays Add AIR Wireless Capability

October 21, 2016

Anchor Audio has announced that the Bigfoot and Beacon line array’s now offer the AIR wireless technology, and have complete wireless capability and connectivity between units. The Bigfoot and Beacon AIR’s are not passive companion units, but instead, are main units with either an AIR transmitter or AIR receiver built-in. The units can be used […]

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New Power Pod PA from AmpliVox Debuts

June 9, 2016

AmpliVox Sound Systems introduces its new Power Pod PA SW245, an ultra-compact audio unit designed for durability. Weighing just six pounds, this powerful 50-watt PA brings clear sound to classrooms, tour groups, playgrounds, and meetings with audiences up to 300 people. It offers the ultimate in flexibility with a rechargeable battery that runs for up […]

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Mackie Launches Reach All-In-One Pro-Grade PA

October 29, 2015

Mackie today announced a new professional-grade PA system called Mackie Reach. Featuring Bluetooth music streaming, a six-channel digital mixer, and a control app for iOS and Android, Reach is a self-contained PA system. Integrated with a new ARC array, which they say provides “clearer” sound in large-audience environments, and EarShot — personal monitoring system, the […]

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