LAVNCH WEEK 7 UCC Day: You Had to Be There

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Another LAVNCH WEEK, another recap by yours truly. Today we kicked off LAVNCH WEEK 7 with UCC Day, and I may be biased, but it was fantastic. Our speakers gave incredible insights, the attendees asked thought-provoking questions and the content was informative and relevant.

Now, I’m going to give you a recap of the day because I believe everyone deserves to know what happened during a LAVNCH WEEK, but I expect you to either stop reading and go watch UCC Day on demand here or finish reading my article and have so much FOMO you immediately watch it on demand. Either way, if I wasn’t clear, you should watch it.

The day started with some LAVNCHCEPTION (you had to be there) as Steph Beckett, Megan A. Dutta and Gary Kayye went over the platform and immediately launched into the first session of the day with Steph and Crestron’s Lauren Simmen. The two discussed how BYOD in the workplace can change the game for IT managers and end users.

Next up was a panel with Steph, Jenn Steinhardt and Michael Slamer. However, Megan did make a short guest appearance when Steph’s audio started skipping, which was totally on purpose and intended to showcase the importance of good audio in the hybrid workspace (the topic of said panel).

“Conferencing audio really means so much more than being able to hear. It’s also about being able to focus and understand the message.” — Michael Slamer, executive AV engineer at Warner Bros. Discovery

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Steph then passed the mic to Megan, who had a quick session with Tomer Mann from 22Miles on the state of UCC and how organizations can work towards creating an effective hybrid working model.

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Then, Gary took center stage with Hawon Jung and Mark Peterson for the UCC update. The trio discussed the latest UCC trends and how they’ll impact the future of conferencing and collaboration.

Up next, Megan was joined by Hal Truax from Hall Technologies for their session, “Enhance Collaborations & Connectivity with UCC.” Megan and Hal highlighted the importance of streamlining USB workflows and how it can result in improved communication, more participant engagement and easy switching.

“Everything we design, we use a platform agnostic approach.” — Hal Truax, VP of sales and marketing at Hall Technologies.

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Our final panel of the day was with Megan A. Dutta, Jeremy Caldera, Rebecca Onchi and Lex Evans on whether or not we will ever achieve a true collaboration standard.

“Will we ever see a UCC standard? The truth is we honestly don’t know. But what we do know is that getting to standard will be driven by the users and driven by what the client wants.” – Lex Evans, CX design & support analyst at USC

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Finishing up the day was a quick presentation by Sean Wargo from AVIXA. He took a deep dive into the value of the office and how we can better utilize the space.

In conclusion, UCC Day was great, and you should not have wasted your time reading my article. Those are precious minutes you could have spent watching the day on demand here!

Make sure you tune in tomorrow for Emerging Tech Day, and I’ll be back soon with another day’s recap.

P.S. Did I mention you get 2.5 CTS RUs for every day you attend live? How many more signs do you need from me to watch LAVNCH WEEK 7?