Jetbuilt Hires Steve Samson as Director of Vendor Partnerships

jetbuilt steve samson

Jetbuilt announced the appointment of Steve Samson as the company’s new director of vendor partnerships. In this role, Samson will spearhead the management of relationships and partnerships with both current and prospective vendors, further solidifying Jetbuilt’s position as the industry leader in providing powerful proposal generation and comprehensive 360-degree project management solutions.

With a deep understanding of the needs of integrators, manufacturers and distributors, Jetbuilt says Samson brings invaluable expertise to the company. Before joining Jetbuilt, Samson served as Lightware Visual Engineering’s vice president, where he was instrumental in accelerating sales and growing Lightware’s business 20 times over five years. Throughout his career, Samson has worked with manufacturers such as Lightware Visual Engineering, Crestron and Tweeter, and served as the board director for the Consumer Technology Association.

“Jetbuilt is a new generation company, positioned at the forefront of technological innovation with its cloud-based solution,” said Samson. “One of my key objectives is to help vendors envision the future by harnessing the predictive capabilities of Jetbuilt’s platform. By understanding market dynamics and customer needs through Jetbuilt’s ecosystem, manufacturers can optimize their operations, anticipate demand and stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving industry landscape.”

Samson’s primary focus will be collaborating closely with manufacturers and distributors, emphasizing the significance of Jetbuilt in creating a comprehensive database to help them better understand their businesses. By leveraging Jetbuilt’s powerful ecosystem, vendors can gain visibility into future trends and customer preferences, enabling them to make informed decisions that drive success.

Paul Dexter, chief executive officer for Jetbuilt, expressed enthusiasm about Samson joining the team, adding, “Steve’s extensive experience and strategic vision make him an invaluable asset to Jetbuilt. His leadership will play a pivotal role in strengthening our partnerships with manufacturers and driving continued innovation in the industry. We’re excited to amplify our team and cultivate our relationships with vendors — which are an integral component to Jetbuilt.”