Audio-Technica Announces New Broadcast Audio Rental Program for North America

audio technica broadcast audio rental program

Audio-Technica announced its new Broadcast Audio Rental Program, offering access to the premium microphone models that professionals trust to capture audio for their production. With the new Broadcast Audio Rental Program, users in all 50 states can rent select A-T’s shotgun and handheld mics, as well as select studio and headset products, for location and studio use on a short-term basis for a fee with no obligation to purchase — ensuring unparalleled sound quality and reliability for all broadcasting needs. Whether users need special gear for an upcoming job or simply want to try out a microphone before buying it, the Broadcast Audio Rental Program allows easy access to Audio-Technica’s innovative products and attentive technical support. (All details are subject to product availability; terms and conditions apply.)

The new rental program boasts an extensive inventory of A-T’s top-of-the-line broadcast audio equipment, including mono, stereo, and immersive audio microphones. Select wireless systems are also available for location or studio applications. Renters can choose from a variety of options to suit their specific requirements. Recognizing that each broadcasting project is unique, the program offers customizable rental packages to meet the specific needs and budget constraints of the client. Whether it’s a live event, podcast recording, or studio production, Audio-Technica can assist with the right combination of equipment to support the user’s audio needs.

Furthermore, A-T’s experienced technical support team is available to assist clients with equipment setup, troubleshooting, and any other assistance they may need throughout the rental period. This team stays informed about industry trends to provide the best solutions for the clients, fully committed to ensuring a seamless and successful broadcasting experience for them.