Audio-Technica Shows New AT2020USB-XP Cardioid Condenser USB Microphone


Audio-Technica introduced the AT2020USB-XP Cardioid Condenser USB Microphone — a recent addition to A-T’s comprehensive lineup of 20 Series content creation products. According to the company, competitive features and studio-quality sound have become the calling card of the 20 Series, and the AT2020USB-XP is no exception, delivering “ideal performance” for streamers, podcasters and other content creators.

Building on A-T’s most recent USB condenser model, the AT2020USB-X, Audio Technica says the AT2020USB-XP includes the same silent touch-sensitive mute switch, built-in headphone jack with volume control and personal mix control to allow for monitoring of the microphone, as well as plug-and-play USB-Type C operation. Additions and improvements for the AT2020USB-XP include a 24-bit 192 kHz sampling rate, three levels of noise reduction (via selector switch with LED indicator), automatic gain control (with LED indicator) and the inclusion of a clip-on pop filter.

The microphone’s directional pickup (cardioid) keeps the focus on your voice or other chosen sound source, while its high-resolution A/D converter ensures clear, natural sound reproduction, according to Audio-Technica. A two-state LED indicator ring lights blue to indicate that the microphone is receiving USB power and lights red when audio is muted at the microphone. The LED indicator also blinks when peak audio level is reached.

The microphone comes with a custom desk stand and clip-on pop filter, 3/8″-16 to 5/8″-27 threaded adapter, and 10-foot (3.1 m) USB-C to USB-A cable with a USB-A to USB-C adapter. The AT8455 shock mount, to effectively absorb vibration noise, is sold separately.