GDS Announces Color Digital Poster Using E Ink epaper Technology

gds-eink-0316GDS has announced a 54”, A0 size, Color Digital Poster based on E Ink epaper technology. The new display is part of GDS’ e-Tela product family and can be used in any indoor or outdoor application opening up many options previously not possible. It can be powered directly or Solar powered, reducing the infrastructure build out costs. The new product is ideal for menu boards or timetables in public areas.

The 54” display consists of 3 tiled 32” E Ink displays using GDS’s G+Bond technology and G+Natural-light technology. G+Bond creates a seamless display that is suitable for any indoor or outdoor environment. G+Natural-light gives the display a uniform front light making the display ideal for use at nighttime as well is in full sunlight, taking full advantage of the characteristics of an E Ink display. e-Tela large format displays are  very low power, completely fan-less, sunlight readable, and ultra-thin, making them ideal for harsh outdoor applications in transportation, QSR, retail, road signs, price signs, gas stations and other DOOH applications.

The Color Digital Poster has a resolution of 1280×2160 with 94 DPI and measures 27.75” wide by 47.25” tall and replicates an A0 size poster. Here are all the details.