Global Display Solutions Expands the Lite PLUS Series to 98″ 4K Displays


Global Display Solutions (GDS) announced the introduction of its 98″ Lite Plus 4K (3840×2160) display, designed for use in retail and advertising networked systems, such as shopping malls, in-store windows and public venues. It’s being marketed as an alternative to using a 2×2 video wall. GDS’s 98″ 4K uses optical bonding (which GDS says increases the contrast ratio by […]

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GDS Announces Color Digital Poster Using E Ink epaper Technology


GDS has announced a 54”, A0 size, Color Digital Poster based on E Ink epaper technology. The new display is part of GDS’ e-Tela product family and can be used in any indoor or outdoor application opening up many options previously not possible. It can be powered directly or Solar powered, reducing the infrastructure build […]

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GDS Shows Two Outdoor LCDs at DSE, One With a Built-in Camera for Drive-Thrus


GDS, Inc. (Global Display Solutions), will be at DSE to debut a 75″ semi-outdoor “digital poster” designed for advertising applications in railways and shopping malls. The 4K UHD resolution LED is housed in what they are calling a rugged enclosure for applications in dusty and high temperature environments. The screen is less than 10cm thick […]

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Almo ProAv Buys Sign Division of N. Glantz and Son


Almo Professional A/V this week announced it has entered into a distribution agreement with N. Glantz & Son to acquire assets from its dynamic digital sign division, Glantz Dynamic Solutions (GDS). As part of the agreement, the GDS business will be led in-house by Almo’s sales and service team along with Terry Tollison, Almo’s newest […]

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