LG Was Big at DSE

lg-webos-tv-fun-setup-0316Further exemplifying LG’s leadership in 4K Ultra HD display technology is LG’s newest 2016 digital signage display, the sleek 86-inch Ultra Stretch Signage (86BH5C), an ideal solution for a wide array of installations. The signage, which measures just over seven feet long, features immersive 4K Ultra HD resolution for displaying dynamic content, an amazing 58:9 bar-type display and LG’s Picture-by-Picture (PBP) technology, which allows the user to divide the long, rectangular signage into four seamless screens in landscape or portrait installations.

lg-curved-0316LG’s newly-launched 75-inch class Multiple Screen Split-Ultra HD Signage display (75UH5C-B) delivers an immersive 4K viewing experience with four times the resolution as comparable full HD displays. This display solution not only has the capability to display and upconvert content to 4K, but it also can divide the screen’s content layout up to four different images on one screen. The built-in LG SuperSign software and webOS for Signage platform provides basic content templates for end-users to create and edit content right on the signage display. From a design perspective, the 75UH5C-B’s slim depth and built-in speaker increases space efficiency, with no need for an external media player.

On a smaller-sized scale, LG also introduced small signage solutions in 10- and 22-inch class sizes for creative communication usage in supermarkets, convenience stores, meeting rooms and more, to deliver clear directional and promotional messaging. The 10-inch 10SM3TB-B display allows for simple and efficient power management via PoE (Power-over-Ethernet), which allows the installer to connect the power and network using just one wire and creates an interactive experience for users with a built-in touch screen. The 22-inch 22SM3B display offers LG’s built-in webOS for Signage smart platform and Wi-Fi to easily create and manage content, while its high-performance system-on-a-chip (SOC) can execute several tasks at the same time and provide smooth content playback.

The VH7B series of direct back-lit LED displays, available in 49-, 55- and 65-inch class sizes, is redefining the video wall category with a bezel width of 0.9 millimeters (0.035 inches), allowing the displays to be connected seamlessly with each other to create a powerful and impactful image for an immersive experience that’s certain to capture any viewer’s attention. The video wall series features a high-performance SOC, which works with LG’s webOS for Signage interactive platform that is both flexible and lowers the cost of ownership by eliminating the need for an external player. Each display features LG’s In Plane Switching (IPS) panel technology to ensure accurate color saturation and contrast, even at wide viewing angles, resulting in unparalleled picture quality. Each model is designed to be lightweight (no more than 20 pounds), which, combined with a slim depth of just 87 mm, allows for easier product installation and maintenance.

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LG provides cutting-edge displays that are designed to enhance customers’ in-store experience while helping the business lower operating costs and digitally deliver content for menu options and promotions. The LG Transparent Cooler Display (49WEC) features a transparent display that can be customized to showcase digital content as well as allowing customers to view offerings inside the cooler – a unique application for the latest in cutting-edge display technology. At a distance, the display appears non-transparent, and communicates preferred content such as infotainment or promotions. As the user steps closer to the cooler, the opaque screen transforms into a clear panel to display the cooler’s offerings. The LG Transparent Cooler features a variety of attractive features including built-in speakers, WiFi and temperature display.

For customers looking for a display that can withstand nature’s elements, LG launched the 55-inch class XS2B Outdoor Display, which features technologies that make it a well-suited solution for delivering messages in outdoor spaces. LG’s unique display technology provides a temperature tolerance of up to 230° Fahrenheit (110° Celsius), which helps alleviate a common problem of screens overheating, affecting picture quality. Even in direct sunlight, LG’s outdoor signage monitors are virtually free of blackening defects thanks to LG IPS panel technology that also helps ensure accurate color saturation and contrast at wide-angle viewing. Unlike conventional panels, the XS2B also features LG’s Shine Out technology, which is designed to deflect ambient light, helping to maintain stellar picture quality even in environments with abundant natural light.

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