#DearVendor — Episode 1: Welcome to #DearVendor

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Introducing the newest podcast on the rAVe [RADIO] network: #DearVendor.

For over a year I have been following the #DearVendor hashtag on Twitter. People often use the hashtag to make jokes or express frustration at vendors. Typically, the jokes are about cold calls or relentless emails. As I watched the communication on this over several months I realized that this could actually be a useful forum for customers to give helpful feedback to vendors. In May, I gave a talk at rAVe’s LAVNCH End User Day, on this very topic. I argued that as customers, we too have responsibilities. We have responsibilities to speak honestly to our vendors, tell them what works, what’s great, what we need, but also to let them know, in respectful ways, what does not work and what we don’t need. 

In this first episode, Bill O’Donnell and I chat about in-house and outside integration, day-to-day activities, faculty training sessions and more. Listen below!