Barco’s Newest 4K UHD Laser Phosphor Is Aimed at Simulation

f70_studio_1116Barco announced the introduction of its new laser phosphor-based F70 Series specially built for the simulation market. With 4K UHD resolution (3840×2160 resolution), the F70 family of simulation projectors are fitted with protective metal encasing the entire projector, making it a choice for motion platform mounting. With a lifetime of up to 60,000 hours (depending on the mode of operation), the F70 is one of the most durable projectors on the market and is ready for service in the most demanding simulation environments — including 24/7 mode.

The F70 has Constant Light Output (CLO) functionality where the projector produces constant brightness and color over an extended period of time. Using Barco’s proprietary Single Step Processing (SSP) technology, all image processing for 4K UHD — including warp, blend, gamma and color — is calculated in a single operation. Performing this procedure in just a single step produces a much higher overall image quality, with a sharper image and fewer artifacts and less latency.

The design of the F70 also takes into account the mounting requirements and suite of lenses of their F3x series — including the FL and FS models — making the F70 the upgrade easier and cheaper.

With brightness levels in simulation configurations of up to 5,000 lumens, the F70 is one of the brightest single-chip DLP projectors on the market with 4K UHD resolution. Features especially designed for simulation include smear reduction (improving the image in a high-speed setting), and the dual input WQXGA @120 Hz (allowing either 3D stereoscopy, High Frame Rate or dual input IR and RGB content). In addition to the F70, there is also the dedicated FS70, which features enhanced IR goggle stimulation through a dedicated IR illumination source.

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Here are all the specifics.