Barco Introduces the ClickShare Management Suite

clickshare-CSM-05-0614Barco has introduced a new piece of software called the ClickShare Management Suite. This new Web-based tool allows administrators to manage the entire fleet of ClickShare units throughout the enterprise from a central position. Features include performing or scheduling updates, consulting a range of information, and making sure all Base Units perform optimally.

Barco’s ClickShare now has more than 20,000 units installed worldwide, so a new challenge is managing large-scale deployments, especially when placed in a large number of buildings or locations within a single organization. Depending on the size of a company’s ClickShare fleet, keeping track of, updating or maintaining all the Base Units and Buttons manually can cause significant workload for the IT staff. To deal with this issue, Barco is introducing the ClickShare Management Suite, a new tool – available for free download from the Barco website – that allows administrators to keep all Base Units performing in optimal condition, without having to leave their desks.

After installing the software on a (virtual) Linux server, the ClickShare Management Suite program can be used from any location via a web browser, allowing the units’ health status to be checked, and a number of management tasks to be performed, remotely. All ClickShare Base Units can be updated with new firmware versions in one go — and these can be installed directly, or scheduled for installation outside office hours to prevent meeting downtime. Furthermore, the Base Units can be assigned to different locations and users to keep things organized and ensure optimum usability.

Here are the details.