AMX Acquires UK-based Media Distribution Company

AMX announced the company’s acquisition of Eneleo, a UK-based company specializing in TV and multi-format media distribution technologies. The company’s managed television and multi-format media distribution systems allow organizations in a variety of vertical markets, such as business, education, government, retail and entertainment, to simultaneously deliver broadcast and video content to multiple display devices throughout a single building or across a campus.

It sounds like AMX just put both feet into the digital signage market!

Endeleo lists these, among others, as customers: ABN AMRO, Bear Stearns, the Chicago Police Department, HSBC, The Metropolitan Police, Credit Suisse, New York Mercantile Exchange, NYC Office of Emergency Management, Sony Computer Entertainment America, and Viacom/MTV.

Endeleo’s TVM1600, is a configurable, multi-standard TV transmission system capable of supporting up to 192 channels per display connection. The company’s multi-format video distribution system, the UDM1604, delivers any combination of video and audio formats, including Component, Composite, VGA, S-Video and RGB.

Endeleo will be fully integrated into AMX. All current Endeleo employees will now become AMX employees under a new group called the Endeleo Group which will focus on market development and product development of the products. The product family will be keep the Endeleo branding. The existing AMX sales force will take responsibility for selling Endeleo products in their territories