Absorbing the AV Industry Like a Sponge

sponge-0316In this post college graduate moment in life, from having finished a rewarding internship with Zdi to still engaging in the aftereffect results and opportunities of InfoComm 2015, there is certainly a lot to handle. In this jam packed instance, my best response is to absorb it like a sponge and digest as much of it as I can. Drawing from my fortunate first impressions of the AV industry from the InfoComm show and completing my studies at Columbia College Chicago, I was able to recognize that my first definite post college goal was to receive my CTS.

Why am I here at rAVe blogging and podcasting away? My intention is to add another necessary layer onto the AV community, which is the perspective of a young woman entering this incredible industry as an aspiring programmer. As a member of AV Power Up! and Blog Squad at rAVe, I am able to dive deeper and share with the young incoming generation about the impressive and hot topics currently in the AV industry.

My interests in AV lie mainly in programming, in which I am proud to say I have dipped my feet with successful forays into Crestron and AMX programming and with which I plan to move forward. In addition, I have experienced the joys of Lua in QSC. If not geeking out over AV programming, my secondary focus belongs in just about anything audio related.

This blog will be geared towards having a written form of all things learned and passed on to the new generation being welcomed into the industry. IT is not my forte, so I will strive to research and inform not only myself but others, as well as including my desired programming and audio topics. Alongside aiming to obtain a specialized programming certification, I am hoping to treat this blog as a documented experience as a young woman entering the AV industry, passing on the knowledge to new comers that were in my shoes.