Software Is Eating AV


“…software is eating the world.” — Marc Andreessen In 10 years or less, what was once the AV industry is going to be a be a footnote in the history of business technology, somewhere among the overhead projector and the fax machine. This hardware-centric industry we call home, this perpetual contest of who sells both […]

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New #AVChallenge: Programmers, Get Your CTS-D


I just finished up teaching CTS prep for Avixa during the three-day classes before the InfoComm show. Not only was this a fun and a rewarding experience… I also came away with a new challenge. Several of my fellow instructors encouraged me to step up my certification game and get both my CTS-D and my […]

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Extron Now in the Custom Control Market With Debut of Global Scripter Using Python


According to CodeEval in 2016 (the last year data is available), the world’s most popular programming language is Python — with nearly 27 percent of the market. Java is number two with a 22 percent share and C++ is third with 10 percent. That’s not just AV control system programming — we mean all programming languages for […]

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RTI’s Integration Designer APEX Programming Software is Now Available


RTI today announced that its Integration Designer APEX software is now available. The Windows-based programming platform includes new features that RTI says speeds up the installation process for projects of any size, while still being fairly easy to use. The backbone of RTI’s control and automation solutions, Integration Designer APEX supports the capabilities the company has planned for upcoming […]

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Just Breathe


I was sitting on an overturned paint bucket, holed up inside a freezing cold electrical closet. Just another day at the office! I was trying to figure out the best way to queue up commands if a link in the system went down. I thought things out to their extreme conclusion… and realized that what […]

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Adelyte Announces Version 2.0 of Crescendo Framework with Cloud Dashboard


Adelyte Company just launched the second major version of its free and open-source software framework — and did it on a live podcast with Gary. Developed starting in 2010, Crescendo achieved version 1.0 with its 2014 community release. Version 2.0 demonstrates “The Loft,” a complete working system with a full suite of graphical interfaces. The […]

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Everything is Becoming Software (And That’s a Good Thing)


I recently had an interesting conversation with someone in the product design space at a university that I wanted to share — and get your thoughts about. He asked, “You used to be a professor — should my students take computer science even if they don’t want to be programmers?” My answer probably won’t surprise […]

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An Integrator’s Response to: Should Design Consultants Be Doing Programming?

By Michael A. Diodato, CTS-D Verrex Corporation Michael A. Diodato, CTS-D, is executive vice president of operations for Verrex Corporation, an audiovisual, videoconference, and sound systems integrator in Mountainside, New Jersey. He can be reached at Having been an AV consultant for many years, I believe that a design consultant should be driven to […]

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