Tabatha O’Connor Named CEDIA Global President and CEO

January 29, 2018

The CEDIA Board of Directors has announced the promotion of Tabatha O’Connor from acting to permanent CEDIA Global President and CEO. We believe this is a HUGE step in the right direction for CEDIA. CEDIA’s external perception has been one of a “good-old-boy” club and clearly this trumps those concerned industry-wide. O’Connor joined the CEDIA team in […]

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Want More Female Speakers at CES? Get Rid of Booth Babes

January 11, 2018

(Full disclosure: I don’t attend CES). My Twitter feed is rife with discussion about this year’s slate of keynote speakers at CES: six captains of industry and not one of them a woman (and only one of them not white). Even mainstream news outlets are talking about this. I mean, there was an article in […]

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On Myths and All-Male Panels

January 11, 2018

CES is here and, with it controversy. Of the six keynote speakers, six are male. That’s a ratio, for those of you mathematically inclined, of 1:0. Of those six, one is Asian, five white. None are African or African-American. This is the second year in a row that they’ve chosen not to invite a woman […]

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#MeToo and the AV Industry

November 1, 2017

Like so many other people, I have read about the Harvey Weinstein scandal over the past several weeks with disgust. As the story grew and the #MeToo campaign went viral, I forced myself to listen to statements from women around the country and to read their messages. I say “forced” because it is not easy […]

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It Worked!!!! We Got a Woman Elected to the CEDIA Board

October 31, 2017

After writing this piece on how CEDIA needed women on their Board, I received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the industry. Some of you wrote to me via my LinkedIn post, some commented on Facebook and Twitter and some of you emailed me privately. I even got four phone calls from current and former CEDIA Board members — and one […]

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Voting Opens for CEDIA 2018-2019 Board of Directors — Vote for Heather L. Sidorowicz!

September 5, 2017

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated to include a statement from CEDIA. CEDIA has announced the seven candidates on the ballot for the 2018-2018 board of directors and is calling upon all global members to cast their vote. And, like it always is, it’s mostly men. Only one nominee, Heather L. Sidorowicz, is a woman. So, we NEED […]

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InfoComm Announces 2017 Award Winners

May 4, 2017

InfoComm International just announced the 2017 recipients of its annual awards. Each year, InfoComm recognizes outstanding AV professionals for their contributions, leadership and commitment to excellence. In 2017, the InfoComm Awards Committee, a panel of volunteers, received nominations from across the AV industry and named winners for the Adele De Berri Pioneers of AV, Mackey Barron Distinguished Achievement, CTS Holder […]

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Smurfette Syndrome

April 4, 2017

At a recent industry event I attended, the facilitator (an outside consultant) expressed some mild surprise that I was the only woman in the room. Me? I hadn’t really noticed. At this point, I’m pretty much used to it. I don’t mind getting a bathroom to myself, but it can still be hard to be […]

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Absorbing the AV Industry Like a Sponge

March 11, 2016

In this post college graduate moment in life, from having finished a rewarding internship with Zdi to still engaging in the aftereffect results and opportunities of InfoComm 2015, there is certainly a lot to handle. In this jam packed instance, my best response is to absorb it like a sponge and digest as much of […]

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AV Standards, or Is It the Double Standard?

October 14, 2015

By Ron DeVoe Successful Sales Consulting I have enjoyed having guest editorials published with rAVe. In times past my contributions have been more for entertainment than insight. However, this rambling is a result of my increasing awareness of the double standard that we, in our beloved industry, seem to ignore and that deals with women […]

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The Smartest (and Most Empathetic) People in AV Are Not Men

October 8, 2015

View image | I continue to be perplexed by the assortment of mainstream tech companies that seem to be INTENTIONALLY acting stupid and operating in the 1970’s. Fortune Magazine blames it on culture. CNN says it’s because of the men. And, the Huffington Post says that, even with the attention being drawn to the […]

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Covering InfoComm 2015 – The Women of InfoComm Network: Part 2, Inspiration and Aspirations

July 16, 2015

This is a continuation of Covering InfoComm 2015 – The Women of InfoComm Network: Part 1, The WIN Breakfast. Upon meeting with Sam Horn at the Breakfast, after a short discussion with her I asked if she wouldn’t mind sending me a statement about her thoughts concerning WIN and the event, and here is what […]

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Covering InfoComm 2015 – The Women of InfoComm Network: Part 1, The WIN Breakfast

July 8, 2015

Prior to InfoComm, I was looking forward to the WIN Breakfast for quite some time and while I felt it not only necessary to be there, it was also a privilege to be in that room with such great and important people in the industry. When I arrived, the room had started to fill and […]

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All-Male Panels — On Representation

June 16, 2015

The is an AV post but also a feminist post; it seems that this is the time of year for me to discuss such things. Last year, if we’ll recall, I wrote about the use of female models to attract attention at trade-shows — so called “booth babes.” What got my attention this year? I […]

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Women of InfoComm to Host Breakfast at ISE

January 15, 2015

InfoComm International, co-owner of the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE 2015) tradeshow, announced this week its very first Women of InfoComm Network Breakfast at First Lounge restaurant, 8:00-9:30 a.m. on 11 Feb. 2015, at the Amsterdam RAI. The cost to enter is 40 Euros. The Women of InfoComm Network (WIN) is a global network of individuals […]

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Women in AV: The Three – Part 2: Midori Connolly, AVGirl Productions

September 29, 2014

This blog and interview were written and conducted by Kelly Perkins. Check her out on Twitter at @AVI_Kelly. Midori Connolly is the principal at AVGirl Productions and former co-owner of an audiovisual company. She is best known for producing the first set of best practices for Sustainable AV Staging. Midori provides support to meetings and […]

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Women in AV: The Three – Cory Schaeffer, Listen Technologies

September 8, 2014

Note: This series is being written along with two outstanding women in the industry, Penny Sitler of Draper Inc. who will handle content and interview for Part Two and Kelly Perkins of AVI Systems, who will handle the same for Part Three. I am handling this Part One of the series. And why not? — […]

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Women in AV: The Three – Preamble

August 28, 2014

In this series, Women in AV: The Three, three high level women executives in the AV industry will be interviewed and give their unique perspectives on their backgrounds, the industry and certain issues that women are facing in the current technology business climate. This blog series preamble is dedicated to all of the women in […]

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AV, Women and A Bright New Day

July 14, 2014

To begin, I want to speak on a personal level. This blog is without a doubt the most important one I have written yet, and as some out there know it almost didn’t happen for various reasons. However, after much cajoling (in a good way) by certain individuals — yes, you know who you are […]

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A New AV World Order? Maybe It Was With Us This Whole Time…

June 26, 2014

Lessons are taught as well as learned every day, and this one I consider a major one. I first want to send accolades to my fellow rAVe Publications blogger Mark Coxon for coming to the forefront and speaking his mind concerning the situation relating to Microsoft at the InfoComm show; I think he put in […]

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Bring Your Dancing Shoes & Get Ready for INSANITY at VANITY

June 11, 2014

I’m awed every single time that someone brings up a discussion about the Drunk Unkles. It happens often, at all kinds of events, meetings, casual conversations, what have you. It never ceases to amaze me that something that was born out of sadness has become such a significant annual industry event, earning a good deal […]

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Cory Schaeffer Appointed to NSCA Education Foundation Board of Directors

June 17, 2013

The NSCA Education Foundation has elected Cory Schaeffer, vice president of sales worldwide at Listen Technologies, to its board of directors as the vice president, serving a three year term. Schaeffer has been in the professional audio industry for over twenty five years. She is a founder of Listen Technologies Corporation, which manufacturers wireless audio […]

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THE WEEK – Episode 34: Women In AV Founder Jennifer Willard Talks with rAVe RADIO’s Joel Rollins About InfoComm13 and WAVE

June 13, 2013

In today’s THE WEEK, rAVe RADIO’s Joel Rollins talks to Women In AV founder Jennifer Willard about their first impressions of InfoComm 2013, and the Women In AV luncheon. Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSS

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InfoComm, InfoComm, InfoComm!

June 11, 2013

Well, here we are! Less than 24 hours before the InfoComm13 show floor opens and our AV industry lights up like New York Times Square!! Having been here since Sunday, I can tell you things have surely been steadily picking up. First and foremost, I want to send a HUGE shout-out to the crews of […]

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SCN Editor Kirsten Nelson Honored With 2013 WAVE Mentor Award

June 4, 2013

Kirsten Nelson, editor of Systems Contractor News and Healthcare AV, will be honored this year by the Women in AV (WAVE) at the NSCA/Women in AV Reception, on Wed., June 12. “Nelson has combined her passion for writing with her affinity for technology by working as the editor of Systems Contractor News (SCN) and Healthcare […]

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FSR Teams with NSCA and WAVE to Sponsor Networking Reception at InfoComm 2013

May 10, 2013

FSR, along with co-sponsors NSCA and Women in AV (WAVE), will host an informal reception on Wed., June 12, from 5 to 6:30 p.m. at The Peabody Hotel in Orlando, Florida. The event coincides with opening day of the InfoComm show, the premiere trade show for the commercial audiovisual industry.  Women are encouraged to attend the unique reception where they […]

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WAVEcast Episode 13: InfoComm 13 WAVE Events and the Boston Marathon

April 30, 2013

In this episode, I discuss InfoComm13 and all we’ll be doing for the Women in AV! And, in light of the tragic and heartbreaking terrorism acts at the Boston Marathon, I talk about what that means to me and how it may change the future of our industry. Register for the InfoComm13 WAVE events here. Nominate a woman for the […]

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Rants and rAVes – Episode 110: The Women in AV Networking Reception at InfoComm

April 26, 2013

This podcast tells you how to sign-up to attend the Women in AV networking reception that’s going be held the first night of InfoComm. Use this link to sign up for the reception: Check out our coverage of the E4 tour here:  Having trouble listening to the podcast on this page? You can subscribe using RSS, iTunes or the Stitcher mobile App […]

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NSCA and Women in AV to Hold Networking Reception

April 25, 2013

NSCA, Women in AV (WAVE) and FSR will hold an informal networking reception on Wed., June 12 from 5 – 6:30 p.m. at The Peabody Hotel, Orlando, Fla. during InfoComm 2013. Both men and women are encouraged to attend this unique event where colleagues can network, share success stories, industry tips and ideas. One recipient […]

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WAVEcast Episode 12: WAVE Trifecta

March 28, 2013

On this WAVEcast, we interview Westbury National’s Larissa Wallace. She is the Triple Crown of Women in AV- female, young, and a Systems Integration Technician!! It is rare you will find a women of ANY age who wires racks for a living and that is just one of the reasons why you should definitely hear her story and […]

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WAVEcast Episode 11: Executive Management Talks NSCA’s 2013 BLC

February 27, 2013

This WAVEcast, we talk with the exective team of the National Systems Contractor’s Association (NSCA) about the 15th annual Business and Leadership Conference help in Phoenix, AZ last week. Chuck Wilson, Executive Director, Ingolf deJong, President of the Board of Directors, and Ron Pusey, Board of Director, share with us from the conference the history, highlights, and what attendees gain for their business […]

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WAVEcast Episode 10: Live from the floor of the BLC

February 27, 2013

On today’s WAVEcast, Jennifer Willard is broadcasting from the middle of the NSCA Business Learning Conference. She get’s honest perspectives about the conference from three women attending the show: Erin Pusey – Communication Specialist, Cory Schaeffer – Co-founder and Vice President of Sales Worldwide of Listen Technologies, and Kirsten Nelson – Editor of System Contractor news. Having trouble listening to the podcast […]

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