XTA Launches New APA Series at InfoComm 2014

XTA_APA-4E8_beauty-0614XTA is debuting the APA series (Adaptive Processing Amplification) at this year’s InfoComm show. According to XTA, APA’s new power and DSP platforms have been designed to interact intelligently and adapt to prevailing conditions, protecting drivers and significantly enhancing performance from all speaker systems.

Using what XTA claims is studio-quality analog-to-digital converters at the outputs as well as the inputs, real-time audio currents and voltages presented at the speaker terminals can be fed back into the DSP in addition to processing the incoming audio, allowing the amplifier to adapt and correct its performance continuously. The coupling of the power supply’s behavior through real-time monitoring of the mains supply, as well as over ten temperature sense points means that the amplifier can adjust its power consumption and output drive to ensure that maximum permissible power is always available.

A Class D amplifier design, the APA has a quick start mode and an ultra low power stand-by mode (with a power consumption of under 0.75W) that mean reduces the running costs.

The first model — the APA-4E8 — features four channels of power totaling 20kW peak output into four ohms, and continuous power available of 3400W per channel into four ohms. Four audio inputs allow all four amplifier channels to be individually utilized if required with a full suite of XTA’s world-renowned DSP, including dynamic EQ, FIR (and phase linearization) and classic IIR filtering, mix matrix and the manufacturer’s famously transparent limiters and soft knee compressors.

The APA-4E8 can route audio from analog, AES or network sources with automatic fallback. USB and internal SD cards offer additional audio choices for playback of emergency evacuation messages, and quick upload of presets or download of performance logging data. The APA series also includes extensive GPIO and remote control covered by Ethernet, USB and RS485.

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Housed in a 2U chassis and weighing 28.2 pounds (12.8 kg), the APA-4E8 sports an elegant front panel interface with a large color LCD, which, in combination with innovative user selectable metrics and tricolor multimode panel metering, offers reassuring feedback of the amplifier status from any distance.

Here are all the details.