Q-SYS Debuts the SPA-Q Series Network Amplifiers

unnamed 8 750x400 1Q-SYS just debuted the SPA-Q Series of network amplifiers integrated with I/O options to support a wide range of spaces. The SPA-Q Series is designed to pair to the smaller Q-SYS Cores (such as the Q-SYS Core Nano), allowing you to decouple the I/O from the processor for an unmatched degree of customization and scalability.

The convection-cooled Q-SYS SPA-Q 100-2f (two-channel at 60 watts) and Q-SYS SPA-Q 200-4f (four-channel at 60 watts) amplifiers provide bidirectional GPIO for control and two onboard software-definable flex channels (either mic/line inputs or line outputs), giving integrators the greatest amount of flexibility for I/O and control at the periphery of the system.

Designed for smaller spaces, both models are half-rack, 1RU and they include hardware for multiple mounting options allowing for flexible placement.