What to Expect from Jabra PanaCast in 2021

In case you missed this integral part of LAVNCH WEEK 3.0, during a session of the all-new GARY: Unscripted segment, I got the honor of speaking with my old friend, Jabra’s Aurangzeb Khan. During this session, Aurangzeb told me some of the new things that Jabra has cooking for 2021. Catch the below video to learn about:

  • Hints on some new products Jabra will release this year.
  • The revamped Jabra Vision app.
  • Some of the latest (and quite big) Jabra PanaCast installs and case studies — including a 2,500-classroom deployment in a Florida school district.

You won’t want to miss any of what Jabra has in store for 2021 after checking this out!