Vizio Intros 120” 4K TV (Yes, 120”) That’s an LED-lit LCD

Vizio just put itself on everyone’s map today with the debut of a 120” TV — yes, it is really 120”. It’s an LED-backlit LCD monitor that’s 4K resolution. It was probably the biggest “wow” at the show. Everyone was talking about it and everyone went to see it. It’s only being sold by the PowerHouse Alliance (a distributor) and it lists for $130,000. So, certaintly there is a limited audience for it. Oh, and it weighs over 100 pounds. So, it will require a contractor/integrator to install it — even moving it around will be tough. But a 120” TV is a marvel.

Here’s a video that describes the TV:

And, here’s a photo of me standing next to it: