Vaddio Ships CeilingMIC Microphones

Vaddio has introduced (and is already shipping) its new CeilingMIC overhead microphones. Each CeilingMIC unit is designed with three microphone elements enclosed in a single pendant hanging enclosure, designed for 360-degree pickup coverage with integrated acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) and digital signal processing (DSP). The DSP interface box provides AEC reference from the far end and applies it to individual mic elements so conference calls are clear on both ends of the conversation. The three-element array head also has an LED mute status indicator.

Installation involves simply connecting a Cat5 cable between the EasyMIC port and the CeilingMIC interface box. Power, control and audio are incorporated into a single cable. The CeilingMIC supports lengths of up to 100 feet (30.5 meters) of Cat-5 cable between its interface box and EasyMIC ports. The CeilingMIC pendant includes a 36-inch adjustable drop cable and with a standard RJ45 jack connection, the pendant can be extended to a total length of 15 feet (5 meters) from the interface box with a Cat-5 cable.

With full 360-degree pickup coverage, one CeilingMIC provides excellent coverage for an average size meeting room table with five to seven participants. For larger tables, a second CeilingMIC provides additional coverage. CeilingMIC microphones are ideal for both drop tile ceilings and open ceiling environments and support both reference and non-referenced AEC.

CeilingMIC Microphones are compatible with Vaddio products designed with an EasyMIC port including AV Bridge MATRIX PRO, ConferenceSHOT AV Cameras, EasyUSB MicPOD I/O and EasyUSB Mixer/Amp. And, here are all the specs.