Are You Thinking Ahead? The Smartphone Is Killing the Large-Screen TV

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In case you haven’t been paying attention, your kids are watching nearly all their entertainment (TV, movies, sports, etc.) on their phones. Oh, and by the way, they’re also using their phones for Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, too.


Well, that number is moving up — up in age.

Five years ago, the average 25-year old watched entertainment content on their phone less than 20 percent of the time. Today, that number is over 50 percent. And, the same trend is moving up towards 30 and 35 year olds, too.

You can deny it and die OR adapt. I think adapt is best.

The future of the HomeAV market isn’t entertainment. So, you need to stop leading with that — the big-screen TV or projection TV is easy to sell to a 50-something and maybe even to a 40-something (male, that is), but for everyone else, the primary entertainment content player is, well, the phone and tablet.

So, what do you do?

You listen to CEDIA and what they’ve been telling you for the past few months — lead with services, not systems.

The systems approach worked for over two decades. Congrats. But, it’s been milked. Sure, there’s no denying that having an integrated system is way, way better than a bunch of stand-alone products working differently in every single room but, let’s face it, SONOS is dominating whole-home audio. Oh, and SONOS is NOT a system. Sure, they’d like you to think it is, but it’s not. And you know that.

And, if you looked around CEDIA, there were well over 20 different app-based control systems — none of which are integrated together. In fact, the moist popular home control systems on earth aren’t integrated together — they work independently as stand-alone apps. Yes, of course, Apple is trying to solve this with HOME and Amazon with Alexa, but those are both services, not products.

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So, are you ready for the services-revolution? Can you sell intangibles? I sure hope so.

OK, i just set you up, ihiji! Go for it! Let’s see if you read rAVe…