The Daily Raff: ISE 2023 Day 3 Thoughts

tiger party rave team

A few rAVe team members with the Tiger Party team.

I’m baaaaaaaaack and ready to report from Day Three! I can’t believe the show is 3/4 of the way over. I’ve had such a great time and even saw a few friends on the show floor. If you’re new here, this trade show column series used to be called “Steph Says,” but is now known as “The Daily Raff” to match Gary Kayye’s daily trade show newsletter (The Daily Riff).

Let’s get right to it. Sometimes I’m really bad at networking but I have to make myself get better. I attended Cresfest last night with Abbie Ashford and it was nice to see a familiar face!

So let’s talk products now. I savor any chance I have to get to go into the audio hall, shared by all the rental and staging products. I can’t even tell you how quickly I ran over there at my first chance. It’s in this hall that my intrusive thoughts tell me to walk to every speaker company and ask them to play music as loud as they can. This was even the hall I was a video shooter in last year!

So, honestly, my favorite product of the day is right here. This is the W1 by Wolfmix. It’s a DMX lighting controller made for creating light shows on the fly without a computer. I can’t wait for you guys to see the product video — but until then, I have this short one.

Here’s a picture of it, too. Just because I can.

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wolfmix w1

Another favorite stand of mine is Studiobricks. It always has a studio built right on the show floor — specializing in its soundproofing technology and sound isolation spaces. The cool thing about it is how customizable it is. You can essentially add plastic attachments to any part of the Studiobricks wall, just depending on what you want your sound to be like.

studiobricks stand ise 2023

studiobricks bricks

My final thing I want to note is how happy I am that trade shows are back. I can’t even remember how many people I’ve seen and hugged, talked to and gotten to catch up with on the show floor. This is always my favorite part of trade shows and although I always talk about how much I hate networking, I think the natural connections and friendships you form in this industry are the networking that matters. So if you were one of the people who stopped me to say hi or ask how I was doing or ask about rAVe, know how grateful I am to you! There are many special parts of being in the AV industry, but the friends I’ve made are my favorite.

Sorry for the short entry this time, I’ve got product videos to upload! Catch you later!