The Daily Raff: ISE 2023 Day 4 Thoughts

February 3, 2023

Wow. And just like that, the show is over. I really can’t believe it. I’ve focused heavily on products and solutions the past few days, and I’ll still mention a couple of things, but today I really want to talk a little more in-depth about exactly what goes into this show. As you can see […]

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The Daily Raff: ISE 2023 Day 3 Thoughts

February 2, 2023

I’m baaaaaaaaack and ready to report from Day Three! I can’t believe the show is 3/4 of the way over. I’ve had such a great time and even saw a few friends on the show floor. If you’re new here, this trade show column series used to be called “Steph Says,” but is now known […]

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The Daily Raff: ISE 2023 Day 2 Thoughts

February 1, 2023

Hello again from ISE 2023! I’m here reporting from Day Two, where I have seen some really great tech! Like yesterday, I spent the majority of my time in halls 2 and 3 (these are where all of the UCC and multitech products are). I’m going to include a lot of that in this piece […]

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The Daily Raff: ISE 2023 Day 1 Thoughts

January 31, 2023

Hello from ISE 2023! It’s Day One of the show, and we’re feeling great! I love Barcelona so much, and I’m so thrilled to be back with all my #AVtweeps. More to come..but here's a quick look from #ISE2023. #AVtweeps — rAVe [PUBS] (@rAVePubs) January 31, 2023 Let’s first talk about the name of […]

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Steph Says: Thoughts About DSE 2022

November 28, 2022

I didn’t know what to expect from my very first DSE. What a year for it to have been my first one! As you may have heard or seen us say, this was a growing year for the show after it was dissolved in 2020 — but purchased and rebuilt by Questex. I think everyone […]

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Steph Says: CEDIA Expo 2022 Day 3 Thoughts

October 4, 2022

I promised you I’d be back to talk about Day Three of CEDIA Expo 2022! As expected, Saturday was a little bit slower than Thursday or Friday were, but that’s always to be expected with a show that goes until the weekend. The great thing about this was that I got to spend a little […]

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Steph Says: CEDIA Expo 2022 Day 2

October 1, 2022

As promised, I’ve returned to write a bit about the show floor trends and more I’m noticing here at CEDIA Expo 2022. While on Day One I focused on just a few key things I was picking up on from my short forays onto the show floor, I continued that with the things I saw […]

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Steph Says: CEDIA Expo 2022 Day 1 Thoughts

September 30, 2022

Welcome to the latest edition of my series in which I deliver my thoughts no one asked for about the trade shows I attend! To preface, this is my second CEDIA Expo. My first was in 2021, and while that was a great first trade show since COVID rocked our world in 2020, I didn’t […]

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