The Effects of 5G on the AV Industry

October 30, 2019

The arrival of 5G is transforming technology and our AV industry. You can barely scan your News Feed or watch television without some type of news or advertisement about 5G and its impending impact on your life.  And while this whole 5G thing sounds like amazing hype, I’ve found that many of our customers and […]

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5G and Wi-Fi 6: New Wireless Technologies Offer Advantages for AV

October 22, 2019

Two new wireless technologies are offering potentially important advantages for the audiovisual industry. 5G and Wi-Fi 6 have slowly become released and used over the past year. These technologies will both continue to spread in 2020 and beyond. Many of us have likely heard of 5G as it’s been regularly in the news over the […]

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The World Has Gone Wireless, So Why Do We Still Have Cables?

April 8, 2019

We live in an age of ubiquitous wireless connectivity. Whether you are on the corporate Wi-Fi at the office, teleworking using your home Wi-Fi, logged on at the local coffee shop, or using the mobile cellular network, it’s pretty much a given that you won’t need a cable to get a reliable network connection. But […]

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Sennheiser Addresses FCC’s Ruling

August 3, 2017

Sennheiser has announced a trade-in program in the U.S. region following the decision by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to phase out use of the 600 MHz band for wireless audio over the next few years. Between now and December 14th, Sennheiser will offer any owners of non-compliant wireless systems from any manufacturer a unique opportunity to trade-in their outdated gear […]

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The Terms “Home Theater” and “Stereo” are Long Gone!

February 24, 2017

It’s about time we got what we asked for. Residents in Central Oregon are tired of hearing the words, “home theater” and “stereo.”  One local home owner stated, “I will go to the theater if I want to see a blockbuster on a 20-foot screen.  And if I want a stereo, those are at Goodwill. […]

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CAD Audio Debuts StageSelect 1600 Series UHF Wireless

July 28, 2016

CAD Audio has introduced the new StageSelect 1600 Series UHF high performance wireless system. The StageSelect system features frequency agile UHF operation for maximum operating range along with CAD ScanLink technology to precisely scan, select and link to the optimum channel in any RF environment. The system also includes True Diversity operation to minimize multi-path […]

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In Praise Of Running Lines

July 27, 2016

It’s been a huge boon to AV that wireless solutions now exist that were little more than wishful thinking ten years ago. Today I find myself looking at the specs of things like wireless HD video dongles and I think back to specific projects and site surveys in years past where I thought, “Man, this […]

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BenQ’s InstaShow is Wireless Presentation System — But Requires BOTH HDMI and USB Connections

June 22, 2016

BenQ America today announced its InstaShow WDC10, a presentation system that wirelessly connects a user’s computer to a central display or projector. With the touch of a button, the meeting collaboration system allows up to eight participants to share their laptop on a connected projector. The InstaShow WDC10 is compatible with all operating systems and […]

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Atlantic Technology Takes Subwoofer RCA-Audio Wireless

June 16, 2016

Atlantic Technology has introduced a wireless alternative to the RCA audio cable. The Atlantic Technology WA-60 Wireless Audio System eliminates the need for long audio cables with a low-frequency response down to 10 Hz – designed for subwoofers. It can also be used to connect receivers, computers, or any line-level audio device across a room […]

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wePresent Announces Wireless Presentation System Aimed Exclusively at Education Market

April 18, 2016

wePresent has announced an expansion to its line of wireless presentation systems, adding the WiPG-1600 aimed at education installs. We actually gave this product an ISE Best New Product for Higher Education Award earlier this year. The WiPG-1600 wireless presentation hardware provides a solution for those who require the basic functionality of the wePresent, but […]

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Open and Closed — Brief Discussion of WolfVision and Kramer

September 21, 2015

Post-InfoComm, the good folks at WolfVision brought their new Cynap collaboration appliance to the office for a demo and a chat. Cynap is the latest entry into the increasingly crowded wireless collaboration space, competing with not only the WePresent and its OEM cousins (Barco Clickshare CSM, Crestron Air Media, Extron Sharepoint, etc.), but also with […]

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Why Is Collaboration So Disconnected?

August 13, 2015

It seems that every time I hear about collaboration in our industry lately it is referring to AirMedia, ClickShare, Brio, Via, Enzo or similar “Mirror Op” technologies and the emphasis is almost always on wireless and BYOD. These examples are great success stories and they have a great place in today’s marketplace.  But I fear […]

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Forget Netflix – The Fifth Generation of Wireless Is About Connecting Everything

June 30, 2015

I was on the phone last night with a colleague (who prefers to remain nameless) from the computer networking world. He’s both a scientist and an engineer I respect, so when the conversation turned to the future of wireless media and the wireless network in general, I grabbed a pen. We discussed the implications of […]

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InFocus LightCast Technology in Collaboration Solutions Enables Wireless Device Display and eWhiteboarding

June 13, 2015

InFocus Corporation today introduced its LightCast technology, which they say enables BYOD connectivity and all-in-one digital whiteboarding and Internet browsing. The company is also launching its first device with the new technology built in, the interactive touchscreen JTouch with LightCast (INF6501c). InFocus’ LightCast technology allows people to wirelessly cast content from their Windows, Apple OSX […]

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Wireless — Are We Getting There?

February 5, 2015

Back in the fall, I wrote a column about the Microsoft Surface 3. At the end of that column I teased a bit about what I thought was one of the best features of the Surface, but warranted a separate column. Specifically, the built in WiDi or MiraCast. Since that time I have gotten to […]

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Crestron Ships New Wireless 6″ Touch Screen with Voice Recognition

February 3, 2015

Crestron today announced it is now shipping its new TST-602 Wireless Touch Screen. The TST-602 delivers dedicated wireless control, voice command recognition, and web browsing all in a stylish, ergonomic design. The TST-602 uses a 5.7″ capacitive touch screen and H.264 streaming video as well as 15 customizable tactile push-buttons, including two-button up/down for volume […]

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ClearOne Updates Digital Wireless Microphone System, Adds Built-In Dante

January 29, 2015

ClearOne has introduced a new version of its Digital Wireless Microphone products, now with support for Dante technology. As you know, Dante is the industry’s fastest growing media networking protocol for digital audio networking. This newly released microphone system complements other audio products from ClearOne in that it uses radio-frequency (RF) digital wireless signal transmission […]

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January 9, 2015

Denon Professional launched a new BYOD product called Kudo — a tabletop device that connects to a meeting room projector or monitor using a simple HDMI cable. Measuring just 6 inches across and less than 3.5 inches high, it’s designed for huddle rooms to allow for wireless connections allow presenters to mirror mobile or laptop […]

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InfoComm: Wireless AV: What’s the Best Way to Do It?

November 20, 2014

By Tim Kridel Special to InfoComm International Cutting the cord can be a great way to eliminate trip hazards, add network connectivity to a new camera or display or eliminate an unsightly rat’s nests of cables. But going wireless can also create headaches if the design and execution aren’t spot-on. The AV industry has a […]

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Extron Ships eLink 100 Professional Grade Wireless HDMI Extender

November 10, 2014

Extron has started to ship its “professional-grade” eLink 100 — an HDCP-compliant wireless transmitter and receiver set for extension of HDMI video and multi-channel audio signals up to 100 feet (30 meters). This extender features a wireless communication technology that provides reliable operation and exceptional image quality that Extron says has a latency of less […]

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BenQ Ships RP551+ Interactive Multi-touch Panel

October 24, 2014

BenQ America is now shipping its all-new RP551+ interactive flat-panel display (IFP). The native 1920×1080 display is 55” and has six-point multi-touch capability and both DisplayNote and EZ Suite software integrated and is spec’d at 350 nits of brightness. The RP551+ is equipped with BenQ’s Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) software which allows administrators and IT […]

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Peerless-AV Ships PeerSound Wireless Audio System

September 15, 2014

Peerless-AV says its new ADS100-B (aka PeerSound) is the industry’s first rack mountable wireless audio transmission system with a remote antenna. The remote antenna mounting capability also allows for moving the antenna up to 10 feet away from structures that reduce Wi-Fi performance. The eight-input PeerSound offers an in-wall or on-wall amplifier installation and it […]

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Peerless-AV Adds HD Flow Pro Kit

September 13, 2014

Designed for streaming HD content wirelessly when running cables is not an option, the Peerless-AV HD Flow Pro Wireless Multimedia Kit can transmit content through walls and ceilings. With five inputs and the ability to multicast to up to four displays, the HD Flow Pro streams Full HD 1920x1080p and passive 3D signals up to […]

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Denon Adds Spotify and Takes on SONOS with HEOS

September 11, 2014

Denon Electronics is taking aim right at SONOS with its new HEOS wireless multi-room sound systems by offering its users the ability to stream their favorite music with Spotify Connect. Working with any existing home Wi-Fi network, HEOS sound system connects easily to a home network. It also connects seamlessly to Spotify Connect. The new […]

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URC Announces “Screw-in Simple” LED Wireless Lighting

September 11, 2014

URC today announced URC LED Lighting, a ZigBee based wireless lighting control system that the company says is so easy to install that no high voltage experience is required. These new, affordable products are installed as part of a Total Control or ccGEN2 whole-house home automation project. The initial URC LED Lighting products include an […]

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DVDO Shows Tiny Wireless HD Transmitter for Home and Pro Applications

September 11, 2014

Today DVDO announced the expansion of its Air3 WirelessHD adapter series with the Air3Cand Air3C-Pro.  The Air3 series adapters connect audio/video (AV) gear wirelessly to TVs or projectors and deliver full 1080p60 HD content via HDMI. The Air3C is a consumer version of the wireless adapter to provide an easy, do it yourself (DIY) connectivity […]

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URC Announces the SNP-2 Streaming Network Player

September 10, 2014

URC launched the SNP-2 Streaming Network Player today, a Wi-Fi-based streaming music box that can send content from services such as SiriusXM, Pandora Internet Radio, Rhapsody, thousands of internet radio stations, the homeowner’s own music collection and stored music using Windows Media Player or My Music. When connected to a URC Total Control whole-house automation […]

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Choosing Between Wired or Wireless

August 14, 2014

Any readers who’ve never been asked by a client, “Will it be wireless?” — raise your hand. That’s what I thought. It’s true that today we have a huge number of wireless options for AV and control. There are solid working options today that were glitch and disappointing five years ago, and only wishful thinking […]

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Steve Hix Debuts New Company at InfoComm Dubbed Circle Technology for BYOD ProAV Solutions

June 17, 2014

Circle Technology, a Vancouver, Washington-based company formed by InFocus Systems founder Steve Hix has announced the debut of CircleHub and CircleBox, two new wireless, Internet-free presentation system solutions that stand to revolutionize the way groups present and share information. CircleHub and CircleBox are screen sharing solutions installed with software compatible with Windows 7 and 8 […]

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Kramer Purchases 50 Percent Stake in WOW Vision

May 28, 2014

Kramer announced today that it has acquired 50 percent of WOW Vision, a Singapore-based manufacturer of wireless and collaboration products for the corporate, hospitality meeting spaces and education markets. Its products enable wireless connection to, and the sharing of, large screen displays from laptops and mobile devices, offering efficient two-way collaboration. rAVe founder Gary Kayye […]

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Revolabs Ships Executive Elite Wireless Microphone Systems

May 14, 2014

Revolabs is now shipping its Executive Elite four- and eight-channel wireless microphone systems that use a new distributed architecture. Featuring AES-256 encryption with dynamic key updates every three minutes, Revolabs’ Executive Elite includes all connections types: AVB, analog and USB. And the system’s distributed architecture allows the remote antenna receiver and base units to connect […]

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Casio Introduces Bright Laser/LED Hybrid Ultra Short Throw Projector

April 2, 2014

Casio today introduced its first lamp-less ultra short throw projector, the XJ-UT310WN. With brightness up to 3,100 lumens and a throw ratio of 0.28:1, Casio says the XJ-UT310WN is the brightest ultra short throw on the market without a lamp. It enables users to project an 80″ image from 18″ away. Other features include: WXGA […]

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