ClearOne Updates Digital Wireless Microphone System, Adds Built-In Dante

clearone-digitalmic-0115ClearOne has introduced a new version of its Digital Wireless Microphone products, now with support for Dante technology. As you know, Dante is the industry’s fastest growing media networking protocol for digital audio networking.

This newly released microphone system complements other audio products from ClearOne in that it uses radio-frequency (RF) digital wireless signal transmission technology with encryption for privacy and security. The ClearOne Dante wireless microphone interoperates with any other Dante device from any supplier, including ClearOne Dante products such as the new CONVERGE Matrix and CONNECT Dante bridge for CONVERGE.

Specs include:

  • Multiple RF bands – 900 MHz, 700 MHz, and 600 MHz
  • ClearOne’s advanced 24-bit digital signal processing for unmatched, crystal-clear audio
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Daisy-chain capability up to 32-channels for large venues
  • Rechargeable and field-replaceable AA batteries
  • Transmitters that can be recharged from a standard USB port
  • Docking station that provides convenient recharging and storage
  • Extension antenna kits that enable wider wireless coverage

The full line of ClearOne Wireless Microphones offer 4- and 8-channel receivers and transmitters including tabletop, gooseneck, hand-held, and belt-pack lavaliers with single-ear headsets. Additionally, all are compliant with North American and International wireless microphone standards.

All the detailed product information is here.