InFocus LightCast Technology in Collaboration Solutions Enables Wireless Device Display and eWhiteboarding

InFocus Corporation today introduced its LightCast technology, which they say enables BYOD connectivity and all-in-one digital whiteboarding and Internet browsing. The company is also launching its first device with the new technology built in, the interactive touchscreen JTouch with LightCast (INF6501c).

InFocus’ LightCast technology allows people to wirelessly cast content from their Windows, Apple OSX and iOS, and Android devices to a display screen or projector. LightCast devices also offer whiteboard tools, which let users draw, highlight, annotate and capture notes that they can share with anyone via email. Rounding out LightCast’s functionality is a Web browser to enable Internet access without being connected to a separate device.

To showcase the new technology, InFocus is simultaneously announcing a new interactive display, the 65-inch JTouch with LightCast (INF6501c). InFocus based this five-point touch display on the popular InFocus JTouch display platform, which connects with Windows, Macs and Chromebooks and provides a bright, colorful touch experience that engages audiences and combines interactivity with affordability. With LightCast embedded, JTouch becomes an even more powerful, interactive tool enabling a myriad of options for enhanced collaboration and learning. With LightCast-enabled devices, users can save and share lessons as well as use them again for subsequent classes. This advanced note taking is tangible in business applications as well, with LightCast allowing immediate access to web resources which improves meeting efficiency.

InFocus JTouch with LightCast supports edge-to-edge IR touch and Windows 7/8 gestures. It offers integrated stereo speakers for 20W stereo sound along with incredible connectivity including four front-facing USB ports for instant access as well as four HDMI ports, DVI, VGA (HD15 VESA), four USB Type-A, 3.5mm stereo audio in, 3.5mm stereo audio out, USB Type-B port for touch screen control.

InFocus LightCast technology is also built into the just-released Mondopad 2.0 collaboration system. Using Mondopad’s new casting feature one can now connect and display from almost any device for additional idea sharing. While casting to Mondopad, users can also annotate on the display, taking interaction to the next level.

InFocus will include LightCast technology in more products launching later this year, including InFocus projectors and interactive displays.

The JTouch with LightCast is available directly from InFocus here and from InFocus resellers for $3,299 list ($2,399 for K-12 schools).