BenQ’s InstaShow is Wireless Presentation System — But Requires BOTH HDMI and USB Connections

BenQ_InstaShow-0616BenQ America today announced its InstaShow WDC10, a presentation system that wirelessly connects a user’s computer to a central display or projector. With the touch of a button, the meeting collaboration system allows up to eight participants to share their laptop on a connected projector.

The InstaShow WDC10 is compatible with all operating systems and any display with an HDMI port including projectors, flat panels and monitors. Sharing via WLAN standard 802.11ac networks, the WDC10  requires both an HDMI and USB 3.0 connection to the user’s device and the screen.

The InstaShow WDC10 kit consists of two transmitters, which connect via HDMI and USB 3.0 to the participants’ laptop or tablet device, and a receiver that connects via HDMI to the room’s display or projection device. Up to eight transmitters can simultaneously connect wirelessly to the receiver. Featuring latency of less than 0.1 seconds, the InstaShow WDC10 transmits content and audio from a participant’s device to the display.

More details are here.