BenQ Ships RP551+ Interactive Multi-touch Panel

benq-rp55-1014BenQ America is now shipping its all-new RP551+ interactive flat-panel display (IFP). The native 1920×1080 display is 55” and has six-point multi-touch capability and both DisplayNote and EZ Suite software integrated and is spec’d at 350 nits of brightness.

The RP551+ is equipped with BenQ’s Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) software which allows administrators and IT managers to simplify panel operations and maintenance by easily adjusting content scheduling, on/off powering, and remote monitoring and control — regardless of system configuration. MDA also works in real time, tracking the voltage and temperature of multiple panels in order to protect displays while automatically sending email alerts should anomalies arise. For end users, the panel’s DisplayNote software facilitates real-time collaboration across multiple computing and smart devices by allowing participants to stream content directly to the screen. Using the software’s Wireless Desktop Control feature, speakers can mirror and wirelessly control a PC from anywhere in the room to create even more presentation flexibility.

The IFP’s EZ Suite software features WiFi display capabilities to connect digital content direct from any computing, smart device, or cloud storage source. Equipped with a Quad Split Screen feature (BYOD), the software supports cross-platform split-screen display capabilities from up to four input sources.

Here are all the specs.