The Millennial Generation Is Changing the Face of Consumer Marketing


By Michael Chase Chief Marketing Officer, St. Joseph Communications A study by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) shows that Milllennials, who account for $1.3 trillion in direct annual spending, engage more extensively with brands than do older consumers and expect a two-way marketing relationship. The Millennial generation not only represents the consumer market of the future, […]

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The “One Stop Shop”- A New Perspective on Digital Signage


I have worked for 3 integrators over the last 13 years, working on projects that include everything from structured wiring in residential to corporate boardrooms to award winning digital signage projects at universities. As such, I know the advantages of being a one stop shop.  In residential for instance, being able to offer structured cabling, audio video, […]

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PRI Research Article Examines Retail Attitudes and Adoption Trends of Multi-Channel and Omni-Channel Marketing


Focusing specifically on the retail sector, Platt Retail Institute (PRI) released a research article this month on retail attitudes and adoption trends of multi-channel and omni- channel marketing (OCM). Sponsored by Digital Signage Expo, the research article was published recently in the Digital Signage Connection. The original research was conducted earlier this year in cooperation […]

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Turning Users Into Heroes


It’s safe to say that just about everyone researching a product or company likes a good case study. The story. The context. The technology. Oh yeah: the marketing spin. Have you noticed that the majority of “case studies”  covered in today’s trade publications are more hype and pull quotes than meaningful examples of need/challenge/solution? Surely […]

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Is Magic Still Alive


So this is a retread from my own blog, but I wanted to see if a wider audience drew some comments. . . I was reading an article on the Tucker Tuesday Blog about Magical Thinking and it inspired me to think a little about his question of whether an AV System that lives outside of […]

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