SANUS Intros Spaces, New Social Design Site for Consumers and Dealers

spaces-0414Mount and furniture brand SANUS, which recently redesigned its website, has announced ‘SANUS Spaces,’ a new social site for dealers and installers to “inspire consumers through beautiful home media design.” Spaces will include advice from experts in the fields of interior home design, AV industry installations, technology and TV safety, and will also serve as an outlet for consumers to explore home tech projects from professional installers and other do-it-yourself consumers. Consumers will be able to create their own accounts and post ‘before and after’ project showcases featuring SANUS products.

SANUS says that for professional installers, this is a new way to showcase portfolios and gain new business. Consumers can contact dealers by phone, email or social media through the Spaces profile page. In addition, installers are encouraged to share their Spaces profile page URL on their company or social networking sites as another way to promote their work.

Guest contributors to the site include Genevieve Gorder, celebrity interior designer; Kate Carr, president and CEO of Safe Kids Worldwide; and Krissy Rushing, experienced AV and home entertainment editor; as well as SANUS’ own experts, such as Rob Zurn, Product Manager with 20 years experience in professional integration. Contributors will address topics such as the most common problems with AV equipment and TVs, how to incorporate design into AV projects and TV safety.

Check out SANUS Spaces here.