Extron XTP Receiver with Extron Ships 90-Degree HDMI Wall Plate Receiver for Installation Behind Wall-Mounted Displays

XTP-R-HWP-201-0414Extron is now shipping the XTP R HWP 201, a Decora-style wall plate receiver for XTP Systems. It features a unique design specifically to handle space constraints behind wall-mounted displays, with the HDMI output connector oriented upward at a 90-degree angle, in order to minimize stress on the cable and allow for a low-profile flat panel display installation. This HDCP-compliant receiver accepts signals from up to 330 feet (100 meters) away over a single shielded CATx cable and outputs video, audio, control and Ethernet to the display. It also provides HDMI audio de-embedding with analog stereo audio output and volume control. The receiver can be remotely powered by an XTP CrossPoint matrix switcher.

The XTP R HWP 201 supports video signals up to 1920×1200, including 1080p/60 Deep Color and 2K. In addition to HDMI video, it delivers embedded digital audio signals or can de-embed the audio for two-channel balanced/unbalanced analog stereo audio output. It also offers:

  • EDID Minder for continuous EDID communication between devices;
  • Key Minder that authenticates and maintains HDCP encryption for quick and reliable transmission,
  • A cable tie-down point to for securing the HDMI connection,
  • LAN and bidirectional control ports for the display
  • RS232 and IR insertion ports on the front panel for bidirectional control

To see all the specs, click here.