Draper to Intro AV Mounts and Structures for Leyard, Sony, Barco and DPI at InfoComm


At InfoComm 2019, Draper is concentrating on AV mounts and structures with several universal solutions for LCD displays and custom structures for LED video walls. The Video Wall Mount is a cost-effective and simple way of building a video wall or mounting several screens in a row. Simply choose as many mounts as you need. […]

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Digital Projection Expands Radiance LED With 1.2-Millimeter Pixel-Pitch for Home Cinema


Digital Projection International (DPI) expands its Radiance LED platform to now include a 1.2-millimeter pixel-pitch solution. The Radiance 1.2 is an indoor display that allows architects and AV designers to imagine and implement seamless displays in nearly limitless shapes, sizes and resolutions. Because each panel is based on a standard 16:9 aspect ratio, systems can easily be designed to present HD, UHD […]

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Digital Projection Debuts E-Vision LASER 5K Projector


Digital Projection International (DPI) is announcing a new “high-value projection display” featuring its laser light engine. The E-Vision LASER 5K (5K as in 5,000 lumens) features the same solid-state laser illumination technology as Digital Projection’s flagship projectors, and like those models, benefits from 20,000-hours of maintenance-free imaging with no lamp replacements. DPI claims the E-Vision LASER 5K is designed for applications requiring […]

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Digital Projection Adds Two New High-Brightness Budget Laser Projectors to E-Vision Series


Digital Projection International (DPI) recently launched two new high-lumen, budget-oriented E-Vision laser projectors. Building on the success of the E-Vision Laser 8500, DPI debuted an E-Vision Laser 6500 and 7500. These displays bring a variety of price points, capabilities and installation flexibility to the already recognized E-Vision series. The E-Vision Laser 6500 is specified at […]

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New HIGHlite Laser II Projector From DPI Announced


Digital Projection International (DPI) recently unveiled the HIGHlite Laser II. New brightness thresholds, 110-volt capabilities and a newly-engineered electronics platform are all part of the Laser II. The HIGHlite Laser II brings a range of impressive improvements to the already popular HIGHlite Laser model. While maintaining its compelling 20,000 hours of illumination, the second-generation product […]

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Gary Catches up with Mike Levi of Digital Projection


Mike Levi, president of Digital Projection, took the time this morning to talk to Gary about how they launched both new entry-level projection products as well as high-end projectors using laser. DPI used to be known as a company that focused on the high-end of the market but now they have an entry-level projector line […]

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DPI Intros 10,000 Lumen Laser Projector


Digital Projection International (DPI) has announced the launch of the HIGHLite LASER WUXGA 3D, which offers 10,000 lumens from a solid-state light source, capable of producing over 20,000 hours of illumination and WUXGA (1920×1200). Due to the light source and lack of a lamp, this projector offers a lower total cost of ownership. Image edge […]

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Lang Evaluates Laser/Phosphor and Laser Projectors


By Matt Brennesholtz Display Central At ISE 2014 in Amsterdam, Lang AG (Lindlar, Germany) had both a booth and a private viewing room.  The viewing room focused on laser/phosphor and pure laser projectors and I got a tour of it hosted by Markus Ries, director of Lang Academy, and Peter Mathia, product manager for projectors. […]

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Digital Projection Intros 12,000 Lumen Laser Projector


Digital Projection will launch a new 12,000-lumen laser version of its HIGHLite line of projectors at the Integrated Systems Europe trade show in Amsterdam next month. Like most solid-state lighting devices, it’s spec’d at 20,000 hours and offers WUXGA resolution (1920×1200). This is only the industry’s third laser projector — the other two are from […]

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New Digital Projection Mercury Series Launches


Digital Projection International (DPI)’s newest projector is the dual-lamp Mercury Series platform, which incorporates image warp and blend capabilities, native 1080p or WUXGA resolution, 3D capabilities and a brightness range between 13,500 and 14,500 lumens, depending on the resolution. The new series won’t be available until Q4 of this year. The Mercury 930 1080p 3D […]

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20K-Lumen DPI Titan Projector Debuted


Digital Projection International (DPI) has expanded its flagship TITAN projector line with a series that’s specified to deliver 20,000 lumens — the TITAN Quad 2000 series. Termed the ‘Super Quad,’ the Quad 2000 platform incorporates DPI’s image warp and blend capabilities, three native resolutions, active 3D connectivity, as well as a bunch of features aimed […]

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Digital Projection Offers Free Lamps For Projectors in Warranty


DPI has introduced a new ‘Lamp Freedom’ program for customers in both the ProAV and HomeAV markets that allows end-users to receive a free set of replacement lamps in years two and three of a new projector purchase made between now and the end of June 2013. The program is offered to end-users purchasing HIGHlite Series or TITAN Series projectors from […]

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DPI Unveils 3-Chip DLP 3D Projector Under $30K Including Lens


This year at CEDIA Expo, DPI introduced the new HIGHlite 330-3D, a new addition to the company’s HIGHlite Cine 3-chip DLP series. Two new models have been launched — a high contrast version delivering 2,500 lumens and greater than 10,000:1 contrast, and a high brightness version delivering 4,500 lumens. Both of these 3D projectors are […]

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DPI’s New E-Vision Projector Adds Warping


At ISE last week, Digital Projection International (DPI) expanded its E-Vision series with the new E-Vision WUXGA-8000 with integrated image warp and blend and lens memory. With numerous lens options (a flexible throw ratio range of .76:1 – 8.26:1), user swappable color wheels and new color controls, the DLP-driven E-Vision WUXGA-8000 is up to 8,000 […]

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DPI to Unveil 1080p in 2:35 Aspect Ratio at CEDIA

Digital Projection International (DPI) will launch the dVision Scope 1080p, a native 2:35:1 DLP projector delivering over 2.75 million pixels of imagery when scope HD content is displayed. The 2560×1080 dVision Scope delivers a true 1080p solution for 2:35 aspect content without optical stretching, and without the need for an anamorphic lens solution. No anamorphic […]

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DPI Shows New 3-Chip, 1080p DLP Line at InfoComm


Digital Projection debuted the new HIGHlite Cine 1080p-260 and HIGHlite Cine 1080p-260 HC projectors at InfoComm last month. Both are positioned by DPI as “affordable” 1080p native 3-chip DLP projectors for the ProAV market. The first is the HIGHlite Cine 1080p-260 HC (High Contrast), which is optimized to produce 2,000 lumens with a 20,000:1 contrast […]

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