Digital Projection Expands Radiance LED With 1.2-Millimeter Pixel-Pitch for Home Cinema

Digital Projection International (DPI) expands its Radiance LED platform to now include a 1.2-millimeter pixel-pitch solution. The Radiance 1.2 is an indoor display that allows architects and AV designers to imagine and implement seamless displays in nearly limitless shapes, sizes and resolutions. Because each panel is based on a standard 16:9 aspect ratio, systems can easily be designed to present HD, UHD and even 8K+ resolutions.

For elite home living areas, Radiance LED offers limitless custom solutions such as the Radiance Infinity Wall. This concept is being unveiled at CEDIA 2017, and is designed to provide a powerfully engaging experience beyond entertainment. The seamless panels form an interactive display designed to integrate with home automation and entertainment systems. From incredibly detailed live art and designer textures to sports, web surfing and traditional broadcast events, Radiance Infinity Walls immaculately present the information, entertainment and art that serves our lifestyles.

Here are the details.