20K-Lumen DPI Titan Projector Debuted

dpi-titan-0613Digital Projection International (DPI) has expanded its flagship TITAN projector line with a series that’s specified to deliver 20,000 lumens — the TITAN Quad 2000 series. Termed the ‘Super Quad,’ the Quad 2000 platform incorporates DPI’s image warp and blend capabilities, three native resolutions, active 3D connectivity, as well as a bunch of features aimed at ProAV installs or staging applications.

The ‘Super Quad’ projectors are 3-chip DLPs that include geometric warp correction via the adjustment of an interpolated grid array of up to 16×16 nodes. Up to eight warp maps can be generated, downloaded and stored within the projector’s electronics. On board adjustments for pincushion, barrel, cornerstone, vertical and horizontal keystone, and even image rotation, are also standard in the new TITAN Quad 2000 displays.

Here are the specs.