DPI’s New E-Vision Projector Adds Warping

At ISE last week, Digital DPI_E-Vision_8000_Left-0212Projection International (DPI) expanded its E-Vision series with the new E-Vision WUXGA-8000 with integrated image warp and blend and lens memory. With numerous lens options (a flexible throw ratio range of .76:1 – 8.26:1), user swappable color wheels and new color controls, the DLP-driven E-Vision WUXGA-8000 is up to 8,000 lumens while weighing in at under 53 lbs. The the dual-lamp E-Vision WUXGA-8000 employs the latest in Texas Instruments’ 1920×1200 dark metal DLP technology, plus it includes two swappable color wheels, allowing the integrator to easily install the color wheel that provides the best balance of lumens and color depth to complement their application objectives and venue lighting conditions.

The E-Vision WUXGA-8000 will commence shipping in Q2 2012. You can learn more about the E-Vision Series here: