New Digital Projection Mercury Series Launches

dpi-mercury-0713Digital Projection International (DPI)’s newest projector is the dual-lamp Mercury Series platform, which incorporates image warp and blend capabilities, native 1080p or WUXGA resolution, 3D capabilities and a brightness range between 13,500 and 14,500 lumens, depending on the resolution. The new series won’t be available until Q4 of this year.

The Mercury 930 1080p 3D and Mercury 930 WUXGA 3D projectors utilize DPI’s latest Pro Series 3 electronics. All Mercury models enlist advanced geometry correction, delivering accurate warp map generation via the adjustment of an interpolated grid array of up to 16×16 nodes. Furthermore, up to eight maps can be generated, downloaded and stored within the projector’s electronics. On board implementation of pincushion & barrel, cornerstone, vertical and horizontal keystone, and image rotation are also standard in the new Mercury 930 3D displays. The new Mercury 930 3D projectors employ dual 465-watt high intensity discharge lamps, as well as DPI’s ColorMax technology that serves as a color calibration tool, whether the installation calls for a single projector or an array of projectors in tiled or blended applications. A wide fixed and zoom lens array with throw ratios ranging from .67 to 10:36:1 are available.

All of the projectors are here.