DPI to Unveil 1080p in 2:35 Aspect Ratio at CEDIA

Digital Projection International (DPI) will launch the dVision Scope 1080p, a native 2:35:1 DLP projector delivering over 2.75 million pixels of imagery when scope HD content is displayed. The 2560×1080 dVision Scope delivers a true 1080p solution for 2:35 aspect content without optical stretching, and without the need for an anamorphic lens solution. No anamorphic optics are required when the dVision Scope 1080p projector is employed in a constant height application. When 1.78 content is being viewed, that content is simply displayed by the projector at native 1080p resolution. When wider aspect ratio content is presented, the wider content continues to be displayed at 1080 pixels of vertical resolution, so the vertical height of the image is maintained. Horizontally, the image is re-sized to as much as 2560 pixels, depending on the aspect ratio of the source being displayed. The projector’s aspect ratio is thus adjusted so that the wider content is presented with increased horizontal resolution (beyond the 1920 horizontal pixels associated with 1080p content). Specifically, when scope content is presented, the projector automatically detects the presence of the “letterbox” black bars within the signal, and immediately re-sizes the image to fill the height of the DMD (1080p) while also presenting the proper aspect ratio by increasing the horizontal pixels employed.

Lenses are available for throw ratios as short as .8:1 and as long as 4.5:1. and when they announce it, it  will be here on the website: