Study With Steph — Episode 5: The InfoComm Announcement

sws 5

In case you live under a rock and didn’t know, AVIXA has postponed InfoComm 2021 to Oct. 27-29. This news was a big sigh of relief for many in our industry because there is no way that Integrated Systems Europe and InfoComm in the same month was going to be easy for anyone.

This week is LAVNCH WEEK 3.0 (It’s happening! Everybody stay calm!), so Gary Kayye sat down with me for a short podcast so we could discuss how the InfoComm decision will affect Study With Steph.

TL;DR I am still taking the test at InfoComm, and I am eternally grateful for the extra months I will have to study. Plus, the postponement allows me to break up some of the longer/more challenging chapters, enables me to add in fun opportunities for prizes and some other cool stuff.

Buckle up, #AVtweeps. We’re just getting started!