Steph Says: InfoComm Day 1 Thoughts

steph infocomm 2021

Hi, everyone! It’s so crazy to think about how it’s been so long since our last InfoComm. My very first one was in 2016, so you can imagine how excited I was to fly back down to Orlando for a week. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to write some short wrap-up articles about the different things I like, see and experience from the three days of InfoComm 2021. So if you couldn’t come down this year, sit back, relax and have fun reading about the things I say stick out.

Intimate Setting

Yes, I’ll start off by saying that InfoComm is smaller than it was in years past. I knew it was going to be and so did you. (In the future, I’ll show some of how the show floor layout changed with time.) I know we say “smaller isn’t necessarily a bad thing” until we’re blue in the face, but it’s true. At every InfoComm other than this one, my time was split between our booth and a few specific sponsor booths on the show floor. I would not deviate. I would not make new friends. I would not network. I would put on my headset and convince all of you to come play THE GAME. This year, I’ve had time to be curious. I get to ask questions about the tech I see around me, and the manufacturers have time to answer. I’ve had time to give an elbow bump here and there and give out some hugs to people I haven’t seen in years (or seen in person at all). Honestly, I’m grateful for this setting — which leads me to my next point.

People Over Technology

We work in AV technology, but I would argue this InfoComm is more about the people of our industry. Let’s be honest, most of the technology here is stuff that’s been out. There have been a few product releases I’ve been lucky to catch since I’ve been here, but most of the show has had more of an emphasis on meeting with people and potential clients to discuss the products that are already out. I think that’s great! InfoComm 2021 is not about the tunnel vision on task after task after task. It’s about reconnecting with the people that make this industry so special.

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I’m so thrilled to see an emphasis on education at InfoComm this year. I was also excited to take part in it! I took the CTS prep class and had a great time. Trust me, if you are the type of person who thrives in a classroom environment, this will be worth your while. I had so much fun practicing math equations; I started to doubt whether I was ever really bad at math in the first place or if my teachers in the past just didn’t have enough patience with me to help me understand it.


As usual, you can sign up to take the CTS, CTS-I and CTS-D exams here at InfoComm. I did take my CTS test here as promised, and I did not pass this time. However! I was incredibly close (329/500 and needed a 350 for a passing score). I owe a lot of the success I did have to, first, all the wonderful guests on Study With Steph. But second, my CTS prep instructors, Chuck Espinoza and Jeremy Caldera. Due to all of the above, despite my score, I’m confident in my abilities and know I can knock it out of the park next time. So much of that confidence came from all my friends at AVIXA (and the rest of the industry) who cheered me on. I might not have had the time to relish in that at, say, InfoComm 2019.

Favorite Booth of the Day

I thought it would be cool to pick a favorite booth each day. It’s no secret that I love the rental and staging booths at every trade show. So, of course, my favorite booth of the day is a very cool stage fog booth, Froggy’s Fog. Every time I walked by, they would shoot out fog, bubbles and more. I love creative booths, and I love an immersive experience! What a cool way to show the industry exactly what your company can do!

froggys fog infocomm 2021