Renkus-Heinz Updates DC 12/2 Loudspeakers To Improve Multi-unit Configurations and Performance Modes

Renkus Heinz DC122 Loudspeaker

Renkus-Heinz announced updates to the company’s steerable DC12/2 loudspeaker. The upgrades bring improvements to multi-unit configurations and a new “full range” performance mode. These firmware and software updates will apply to all DC12/2 units and will be available in Q4 of 2021.

The DC12/2 is an ultra-compact steerable array that brings clarity and control to various applications. The DC12/2 addresses the needs of smaller installations and is designed for tight control and discreet aesthetics.

The DC12/2 allows configuration via a smartphone and tablet app. This software-backed component of the loudspeaker allows for an easy upgrade path, and users can update already installed DC12/2 loudspeakers through the app. Units shipped after the update launches will include the new features natively. The new update includes two key features:

  • Users can connect to and configure multiple units at once using WiFi Station Mode, allowing users to program multiple loudspeakers without manually connecting to and disconnecting from each device
  • End users now have the ability to select the new “full range” mode for improved low-end extension

Additional upgrades in the software update include delay and discrete gain control. Updates will be available from both the Apple App and Google Play stores.