Semtech Announces New Features for BlueRiver AV-over-IP Platform

Semtech Corporation today announced an updated feature set for its BlueRiver AV-over-IP chipset which allows manufacturers of AV transmitters and receivers to address important requirements in key markets including industrial and rental and staging environments.

New BlueRiver capabilities include support for two data ports enabling failover to a second Ethernet switch when necessary in applications requiring high availability and support for automatic media selection of a copper or fiber port. The link redundancy lets manufacturers create products with two Ethernet ports which can be connected to different switches. If one link goes down, the other link will automatically be brought up and used within seconds. This is important in command and control, industrial and broadcast environments that need real-time vision and data.

Automatic media selection for a copper or fiber port is ideal for rental and staging applications such as live concerts and conferences where integrators and installers face variable network infrastructure from job to job. The automatic media selection allows products to be designed with one copper and one fiber port. BlueRiver detects which port is active and automatically uses that port for 10G connectivity. Manufacturers can select which port takes priority in case both are connected. This allows manufacturers to build a single SKU for rental and staging applications and gives installers field-level flexibility to stock just one device that is used with either 10G network type.

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