Kayye’s Krystal Ball: 2024 Edition

February 19, 2024

Welcome to my 24th annual Kayye’s Krystal Ball! It’s been an honor to have written this for 24 straight years and even more of an honor for it to have so many thousands of readers annually — it’s almost always our most-read article of the year on rAVe [PUBS]. So, if you’re reading this right […]

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Yes, the Las Vegas Sphere is AV-over-IP – Here’s How They Did It

February 14, 2024

Matrox Video detailed that multimedia system designer and integrator Fuse Technical Group chose Matrox Video’s technology to drive SMPTE ST 2110 routing, orchestration, conversion, and control inside Sphere in Las Vegas, where U2 is performing the venue’s first-ever shows. Show and event producers rely on the technology to feed and manage SMPTE ST 2110 signals […]

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Extron Launches Smallest 1G AV-over-IP Encoder in the World — the NAV E 121

January 10, 2024

Extron just debuted the smallest AV-over-IP Encoder in the world (literally handheld-sized) into its NAV ecosystem with the NAV E 121, and it’s already shipping. The NAV E 121 streams ultra-low latency and high-quality HDMI video and audio over 1 Gbps copper Ethernet and standard IP networks. This new economical NAV encoder is just half […]

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New EnGenius ECW536 Wireless Access Point is Capable of Routing Wireless 4K AV-over-IP

January 8, 2024

EnGenius announced its shipping the ECW536, a Cloud Wi-Fi 7 4x4x4 Wireless Access Point powered by the Qualcomm Networking Pro 1220 Wi-Fi 7 platform. This is its first enterprise-level Wi-Fi 7 access point. Leveraging Wi-Fi 7 (IEEE 802.11be) Standard, the ECW536 delivers speeds of up to 18.8 Gbps, making it possible to route uncompressed 4K […]

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The Latest AV Technology for Command and Control Rooms

October 9, 2023

Command and control rooms are where information, technology and human expertise converge to enable effective decision making, resource management and responses to different scenarios. The importance of control rooms extends across a wide and growing range of sectors, and they help contribute to safety, security and operational efficiency. Let’s explore key trends in command and […]

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Viking Electronics Debuts New IP Video Intercoms

October 5, 2023

Viking Electronics has added the X-35 Series provides HD video and voice communication for SIP VoIP phone systems and service providers to its line of access control products. “There is an increasing demand for reliable yet affordable video intercoms, and the Viking X-Series is a great fit for our customers,” said James Catt, product specialist […]

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Leonard’s InfoComm Minute Day the First — on Standards

June 16, 2023

A decade ago internet cartoonist Randall Munroe made a joke about the proliferation of standards, in which an attempt to create a single unifying standard to replace 14 competing standards instead exacerbated the problem by creating a 15th competing standard. Everyone who creates a standard has a vision for why they are doing so, for […]

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Luminex Launches 5 New Network Switches at InfoComm 2023

June 6, 2023

Luminex launched five new network switches at InfoComm 2023 including two new GigaCore switches designed for installation and integration: the GigaCore 10i and GigaCore 16i. In addition, they are debuting the GigaCore 20t and GigaCore 18t  —  both 10 Gb switches  —  and a 1 Gb version as well – the GigaCore 16t  — in booth #5473. GigaCore 10i […]

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The Inside Scoop on Userful’s Ecosystem Partner Program

January 12, 2023

Userful recently announced its new Ecosystem Partner Program. The program is designed to strengthen the integration and interoperability between Userful and leading companies to deliver enhanced solutions for mission-critical environments. We sat down with Robert Huijsmans, chief operating officer at Userful to discuss the program’s genesis, future and more. rAVe: You recently announced the Userful […]

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CEDIA Expo 2022 Thoughts from Someone Who Didn’t Go

October 11, 2022

I didn’t go to CEDIA Expo 2022 in Dallas. But like both ISE and InfoComm this year, I acted as the editor in charge of rAVe’s product videos from afar, and therefore watched all 573 videos that the team shot on the show floor over the past few days. I missed seeing industry friends and […]

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Q-SYS Delivers Mass-Scale Experiences to Resorts World Las Vegas

August 19, 2022

Resorts World Las Vegas, the first integrated resort to be built on the Strip in over a decade, has partnered with Q-SYS to create “amazing” experiences for patrons in its luxury suites, event spaces and common areas. The Q-SYS Platform delivers a software-based solution that supports large-scale centralized processing comprised of over 2,000 end points […]

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Part 2: What I Learned About the Industry by (Not Attending ISE or InfoComm, But) Watching 2,000 Product Videos

July 25, 2022

Part 2: AV-Over-IP, Software-Based AV and AI This is part 2 of an article about all the things I noticed from ISE and InfoComm this year, two shows to which I didn’t go, but as the editor in charge of video titling for rAVe [PUBS] for both, I did watch pretty much every video the […]

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Rants & rAVes — Episode 1150: The Truth: SDVoE Is Interoperable AV-over-IP

July 12, 2022

  Love SDVoE and IPMX. SDVoE is so close but lack of open control // setup interface / API means I can’t use two different branded SDVoE systems together which defeats the open standard in my view. Why lock them away from each other if they could be compatible? — Cody Hein, CTS (@codymhein) July […]

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VuWall Demonstrates Version 3.2 Updates to its TRx Visualization and Video Wall Management Software at InfoComm 2022

June 8, 2022

VuWall is demonstrating version 3.2 updates to its TRx visualization and video wall management software in Booth N1569 at InfoComm 2022. The new version adds a new plug-in for Genetec Security Center and an enhanced user interface and performance. Built on an open, interoperable architecture, VuWall TRx version 3.2 allows organizations to grow their pool […]

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Audinate Group Limited Launches Dante Brooklyn 3 Audio Networking Module and Dante Fremont 3 AV Networking Module

June 8, 2022

Audinate Group Limited, developer of Dante AV-over-IP, just launched the Dante Brooklyn 3 audio networking module and Dante Fremont 3 AV networking module. The new modules are pin-compatible replacements for the Dante Brooklyn 2 and Dante Fremont modules and have been redesigned to ensure continuous availability while delivering support for current and future Dante features. […]

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Kramer Debuts a New Ecosystem of AV-Over-IP Solutions, Including KDS-7 Family

May 10, 2022

At ISE, Kramer debuted a new ecosystem of AV-over-IP solutions including the KDS-7 family of encoders and decoders, which send 4K60 4:2:0 video at 1G across a network AV installation. In the booth’s UCC section, this is the first time people can see Kramer’s new collaboration devices including a speakerphones, video cameras and all-in-one collaboration […]

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Just Add Power’s Advanced Matrix Programmer Software Platform Now Works With MaxColor 4K60 Series Devices

May 10, 2022

Just Add Power today announced that its Advanced Matrix Programmer (AMP) software platform now provides configuration for systems using MaxColor 4K60 Series devices, as well as those from the company’s 3G Ultra and legacy 2G Omega product lines. Just Add Power’s AMP – Multicast is designed for environments with existing infrastructure or special network requirements that don’t allow for a […]

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Nextera Video and Adeas Team Up With intoPIX to Demo IPMX AV-over-IP Proposed Standard at ISE 2022

May 10, 2022

Nextera Video and Adeas, two companies in the FPGA IP space, have teamed with intoPIX, the AV-over-IP chip company used inside the Crestron NVX, to demonstrate a reference design using the new IPMX AVoIP proposed standard at the ISE 2022 show in Barcelona this week. The IPMX design transports 4Kp60 444 over 1-Gb combining intoPIX TicoXS Encoder/Decoder & […]

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SDVoE Alliance Announces 8K AV-over-IP Transport Solution

April 26, 2022

The SDVoE Alliance announces 8K AV-over-IP transport solution. The soon-to-be-released SDVoE transmitters and receivers deliver 8K video across a standard 10G network. They are entirely backward compatible with 4K SDVoE systems. SDVoE will show working prototypes of the new 8K AV-over-IP signal distribution solution at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2022 from May 10-13, 2022, at […]

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The Accelerating Merge of ProAV and IP

March 2, 2022

By Chris Pennell Futuresource Consulting While the past two years have brought unprecedented operational disruption and uncertainty for enterprises across all industry sectors, it has also accelerated the blurring of the boundaries between the ProAV and IP worlds. We have seen broadcast and event tools merged with videoconferencing tools to enable enterprises to have richer […]

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SDVoE Tech and Black Box’s MCX AV-over-IP System Provide Perfect Platform for Esports and Gaming Center at UNC Chapel Hill

January 25, 2022

The Carolina Gaming Arena at UNC-Chapel Hill is a place for students to come together, find others within the on-campus gaming community and celebrate everything students do in the area of gaming, be it social, academic or research-oriented. UNC-Chapel Hill has put targeted programming and support models in place to support healthy gaming practices and curtail the negative effects […]

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SDVoE Alliance Announces 8K AV-over-IP Transport Solution in Upcoming Transmitter and Receiver Products

November 4, 2021

The SDVoE Alliance announced what it calls the “world’s first 8K AV-over-IP transport solution.” Soon-to-be-released SDVoE transmitters and receivers deliver 8K video across a standard network and are entirely backward compatible with 4K SDVoE systems. HDMI 2.1 defines many 8K formats with varying bit depth, chroma subsampling, frame rate and color space. SDVoE 8K supports […]

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Dhow & Anchor Offers a Transformed Gastropub Experience With Visionary Technology

April 6, 2021

SONIDO Technology, a Dubai-based systems integrator, selects Visionary’s PacketAV Matrix Series for British gastrolounge, Dhow & Anchor, inside Jumeirah Beach Hotel Santa Barbara, Calif. (April 5, 2021) — Dhow & Anchor, an award-winning gastropub, offers a contemporary twist on British cuisine. Known locally as D&A, the stylish restaurant is nestled within the Jumeirah Beach Hotel […]

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Sony’s Th!nk AV Is What a Successful Virtual Panel Series Looks Like

February 3, 2021

THIS IS A PROMOTED POST  In case you haven’t heard, Sony’s new three-part Th!nk AV Thought-Leadership Symposium debuted this year at almost the perfect time. In between the sleepy holiday season but before the frenzy of spring (which officially begins March 20 in the Northern Hemisphere), the timing of Th!nk AV couldn’t have been better. […]

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Kayye’s Krystal Ball: 2021 Edition

January 27, 2021

Welcome to my 21st annual Kayye’s Krystal Ball! I love writing this annual predictions article — it’s both humbling and rewarding. It requires me to stop and research anything new, evaluate the potential impact it will have and then articulate it in a way that matters to readers. If you’re a regular reader of my […]

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A Recap of LAVNCH EMEA’s ProAV Control Session

September 2, 2020

Control is an AV topic that doesn’t “show” its glitz and glamor to the masses — but it’s usually the technology doing the hard work in the background. Control is a critical component to successful AV systems, and today’s LAVNCH EMEA Control Session made sure to tell that story. Read on for the session recap. […]

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IT or X? It’s BOTH!

August 25, 2020

Suppose you’re active in social media at all. In that case, you may have noticed that quite a few strong opinions are resurfacing about AV’s “Experience” movement that has been happening since InfoComm became AVIXA. I believe the sudden rise of cloud-based conferencing, AV-over-IP and the retraction of hospitality, live and experiential events due to […]

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Now Is the Right Time for AV-over-IP

July 16, 2020

By Eric Olson Almo Professional A/V AV-over-IP continues to pick up traction among integrators in the ProAV industry, but there are still quite a few that find themselves questioning if they should start implementing this technology. In fact, 45% of respondents in a 2019 industry survey revealed that they either do not embrace, or are […]

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Webinar | The Ultimate Reality Check AV over IP

July 2, 2020

**Note: CTS RUs are not available for webinar or educational session recordings. Are you confused about the plethora of AV-over-IP options out there? You should be. The AV-over-IP market is saturated with lies, hype, over-promising and under-delivering technology. Most of it is point-to-point, not actually IP-based, and some of it just sucks. Now that AV-over-IP […]

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Here’s the Lowdown on ZeeVee’s Product Offerings for Streaming AV-over-IP

May 18, 2020

As streaming video explodes, ZeeVee is reminding the market of its AV-over-IP capabilities with streaming. The company’s streaming product offerings include the H.264 Media Module (quad encoder blade) for the HDbridge 3000 encoder, ZyPerMX2 and ZyPerMX4 H.264 encoder appliances, STBi3 Set Top Box and the ZyPerMX Player (EPG). H.264 Media Module for HDbridge 3000: The […]

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Webinar | The Only Unbiased Explanation of AV over IP

April 18, 2020

**Note: CTS RUs are not available for webinar or educational session recordings. Nearly everyone out there is lying to you about AV-over-IP. It’s not easy, it’s not lossless compression and it’s not going to happen overnight. But, it IS the future of AV signal distribution. There is NO STANDARD that everyone has adopted for sending […]

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How Dante Could Disrupt the AV-Over-IP Market

February 13, 2020

By Aviad Cohen Founder, Comeet I’ve been a fan of AV-over-IP ever since I first worked with the technology — but the number of vendors and different solutions out in the market make it very hard for customers to choose. How could an AV investment be protected if there is no standard? You can be […]

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