Roland Now Shipping Its V-1HD High-Definition Video Switcher

roland-v1hd-1215Roland announced it’s shipping its V-1HD Video Switcher, a four input HDMI switcher with compositing effects and creative video switching capabilities and HDCP copy protection. The V-1HD can also be controlled by the companion PC/Mac or iPad application when connected by USB. The V-1HD includes two HDMI program and preview outputs and a stereo audio output.

The V-1HD gives users an array of compositing effects, including picture-in-picture and keying, allowing for graphic insets plus titling and green screen capabilities. The V-1HD is ideal for live event video switching, thanks to its advanced transition and filter effects — more than 30 effects and transition types including mix, cut, full additive mix (FAM), non-additive mix (NAM), wipe and other performance effects. The V-1HD also has output fade, BPM Sync and Auto-Scan functions. The A and B video busses each have controls for effects assignment and parameter control. The output can be switched A/B or in PGM/PST mode where the B buss is used for signal preview. The preview output can be set to a multi-view mode, where all inputs are displayed with colored borders indicating the program and preview selections, or in a full-screen mode. The preview output can be used for additional, menu-driven set-up control, or as a second output for applications such as a simultaneous webcast or recording output.

The 12-channel audio mixer offers 3-band parametric EQ, reverb, up to 500ms delay for accurate lip-sync, a compressor/gate on the mic input and level/multi-band EQ on the master mix. A headphone output facilitates audio monitoring and the V-1HD supports mono or stereo plug-in-powered microphones.

The V-1HD features a clean, intuitive control layout with multi-function buttons and knobs and a large T-handled T-Fader for key and transition operations.
The Roland V-1HD High-Definition Video Switcher is now available at a suggested retail price of $995. Here are the specs.