AED Group Chooses Roland Multi-Format AV Mixer, Converter for Immersive AV Environment


Extended Reality at AED Studios AED Group chose the Roland VR-50HD MKII Multi-format AV Mixer and VC-1DL Converter to play an integral part in their new, dedicated immersive AV environment. Starting in September, AED Studios in Lint will offer TV, film and event producers the opportunity to use a high-tech XR studio. Extended reality (XR) […]

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Roland Announces New Wireless MIDI Adaptor and Dongle


Roland announced the WM-1 Wireless MIDI Adaptor and WM-1D Wireless MIDI Dongle, two new products that bring wireless MIDI’s convenience to modern music creators. Easy to set up and use, the WM-1 and WM-1D provide wireless MIDI communication between multiple devices, including keyboards, drum machines and other MIDI hardware, Mac and Windows computers, and iOS […]

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Roland Releases Update for Roland Cloud


Roland released a significant update for Roland Cloud, its collection of authentic Roland software synthesizers and sound libraries. Based on the previously released ZENOLOGY software synth, ZENOLOGY Pro delivers enhanced sound design capabilities with full editing support and access to over 7,000 patches. With Zenbeats 2.0 Ultimate Unlock, Roland’s music creation app becomes part of […]

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Roland Debuts its New 4K Video Scaler for Live Events, Fixed Application and Streaming


Roland announced the debut of the VC-100UHD 4K Video Scaler, a next-generation AV signal management solution for live events, fixed installations and streaming applications. Integrated with Roland’s Ultra Scaler processing technology, the VC-100UHD allows users to input 4K and 1080p video sources and distribute them to multiple destinations at one time, including 4K LED walls, […]

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Roland Expands Roland Cloud, Moves it to Primary Website


Roland announced the most massive expansion yet to Roland Cloud Wednesday. Roland Cloud is the company’s cloud-based platform with more than 50 Roland software synthesizers and sound libraries. The expansion moves the platform to the company’s primary “” website. It welcomes the ZENOLOGY Software Synthesizer, a “virtualized ZEN-Core” plug-in instrument. Other enhancements include new membership […]

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Roland Intros ZENOLOGY Software Synthesizer Plug-in


Roland has introduced the ZENOLOGY Software Synthesizer, an expandable plug-in version of the Roland ZEN-Core Synthesis System for macOS and Windows. ZENOLOGY allows music-makers to create with ZEN-Core directly in their DAWs and introduces new sound compatibilities between software and a range of hardware. With thousands of sounds available, ZENOLOGY’s browser allows users to filter […]

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Roland Updates Zenbeats, Now Offers Bluetooth MIDI Integration for Mobile


Roland has announced the release of Zenbeats 1.2, the latest update for its music creation app that runs cross-platform and is free to access on Android, ChromeOS, iOS, Windows and macOS devices. With the 1.2 update, Zenbeats now offers full Bluetooth MIDI integration for mobile devices, as well as several other improvements to Zenbeats’ evolving […]

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Roland Expands Roland Cloud, Adds ZENOLOGY Software Synthesizer


Roland today announced the largest expansion yet to Roland Cloud, the company’s cloud-based platform of more than 50 Roland software synthesizers and sound libraries. The expansion moves the platform to the company’s primary “” website and welcomes the ZENOLOGY Software Synthesizer, a “virtualized ZEN-Core” plug-in instrument that will change the relationship that hardware and software […]

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Atomos Partners With Roland to Make Recording and Monitoring an HD Live-Switched Multicamera Shoot Possible


Today, Atomos announced a new technical collaboration that makes recording and monitoring an HD live-switched multicamera shoot on Roland video possible. When recording a feed on an Atomos monitor-recorder from the new Roland V-8HD HD Video Switcher you can now trigger recording directly from the switcher. The Roland V-8HD is the smart eight-input, all HDMI […]

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Roland’s 4XCamera Maker App Debuts 


Roland just launched the 4XCamera Maker App, an iOS-based camera app to shoot, edit and publish videos without needing expensive camera equipment or a computer. The full editing functionality of 4XCamera Maker is available through a small in-app purchase. Roland GO:MIXER and GO:MIXER Pro users can connect their GO:MIXER to the app for full editing functionality […]

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Check Out the New Roland MC-707 and MC-101 GROOVEBOXES


Roland has introduced the MC-707 and MC-101 GROOVEBOXES, two self-contained production tools designed for today’s electronic music creators. These powerful products reintroduce Roland’s iconic GROOVEBOX concept to a new generation of musicians, updated with the very latest sounds and a wide range of customization options. With the versatile MC-707 and MC-101, users can create complete, […]

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Roland Releases iPad App and Update for V-02HD Multi-Format Video Mixer


Roland is introducing the dedicated V-02HD Remote iPad control app for operation. With system software Ver.1.10 and above, V-02HD Remote turns an iPad into a touch interface for the V-02HD. The V-02HD Remote iPad app allows switching function operation, virtual fader audio mixing and quick access to settings and effects parameters. Up to eight custom […]

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Roland Pro AV’s VR-1HD HD Video Switcher Debuts


With the Roland Pro AV VR-1HD HD Video Switcher has three HDMI inputs (resolutions up to 1080p) — all with embedded audio that can be mixed with the two XLR microphone inputs and an analog line input. When editing video to post online or for playback during video streaming, the VR1-HD offers options for layering […]

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Roland Pro AV and JVC Pro Video Collaborate on Camera Control


Roland Professional AV and JVC Professional Video made a joint announcement for LAN-based camera remote control for several of JVC’s most popular models, directly from the Roland’s V-60HD and XS-62S HD Video Switchers. With new version 2.0 firmware for the V-60HD, XS-62S and companion RCS (Remote Control Software for PC and Mac), LAN-based pan, tilt, […]

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Roland Pro AV Intros Digital Canvasing-Based VP-42H Video Processor


Roland Professional AV just launched the VP-42H Video Processor, a multi-source layering and switching box for single-screen display of presentations, digital signage content and meetings. The VP-42H supports simultaneous output of up to four layered source signals even when resolutions vary between its four HDMI inputs. The processor features Motion Scene Switching for “fluid” transitions […]

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Roland Pro AV Introduces XS-42H Matrix Switcher


Roland Professional AV just introduced the XS-42H Matrix Switcher for huddle spaces and small meeting room video and audio. The Roland XS-42H has seamless connection of up to four computers and tablets over HDMI, automatic audio-follows-video switching, web browser-based control from a computer, tablet or phone and selection of one of ten user-configurable meeting setup […]

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Roland Pro AV Intros VP-42H Video Processor With Up to Four HDMI Inputs


Roland Professional A/V today announced the VP-42H Video Processor — supporting simultaneous output of up to four layered source signals from four HDMI inputs. It features their so-called Motion Scene Switching for smoother transitions between screen setups, remote switching via browser-based network control, audio management including de-embedding and embedding and a keyer function for overlays […]

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Roland Professional A/V and JVC Professional Video Collaborate on Control Integration


Roland Professional A/V and JVC Professional Video are collaborating again, now announcing LAN-based camera remote control for several of JVC’s most popular models, directly from the Roland’s V-60HD and XS-62S HD Video Switchers. With new version 2.0 firmware for the V-60HD, XS-62S and companion RCS (Remote Control Software for PC and Mac), LAN-based pan, tilt, […]

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Roland Announces GO:MIXER PRO Smartphone Audio Mixer and Virtual Stage Camera App


Roland announces the GO:MIXER PRO smartphone audio mixer and Virtual Stage Camera app, two new tools for content creators who share videos on YouTube and other social media platforms. Convenient and simple to use, GO:MIXER PRO and Virtual Stage Camera offer an integrated hardware and app solution that makes it easy for users to create […]

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Roland Releases V1.2 Update for XS-62S HD Video Switcher


Roland Professional A/V has released the new version 1.2 firmware and software updates for the Roland XS-62S HD Video Switcher, an integrated six-channel video switcher and audio mixer with PTZ camera control capabilities in a space-saving design. The new update introduces support for Roland’s RCS Remote Control Software and adds display indication of edit status […]

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Roland Expands SYSTEM-500 Modular Synthesizer Series


Roland introduces four new additions to the popular SYSTEM-500 modular synthesizer series: the SYS-510 Synth, SYS-555 LAG/S&H, SYS-531 MIX and SYS-505 VCF. The latest members of the SYSTEM-500 family fuse classic designs with versatile modern features.The SYSTEM-500 series offers a selection of Eurorack-format modules that users can mix and match in any combination to create the Roland modular […]

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Roland Releases Updates Its V-60HD HD Video Switcher to V1.1


Roland Professional A/V has released the new version 1.1 firmware and software updates for the Roland V-60HD HD Video Switcher, an integrated video switcher and audio mixer. The new updates introduce support for Roland’s RCS Remote Control Software, add Auto Scan automated video switching and add panel information commands to the already available RS232 control for use with connected […]

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Roland Professional A/V Introduces the XS-62S Six-Channel Video Switcher and Audio Mixer


Roland Professional A/V is introducing the XS-62S, an integrated six-channel video switcher and audio mixer with PTZ camera control capabilities in a space-saving design, optimized for installed or portable live event, recording, broadcast and streaming productions. This latest addition to Roland’s comprehensive line of video production solutions delivers a powerful feature set in a compact 1RU form factor and […]

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Roland’s Rubix Line of Audio Interfaces Is Now Available


Roland announces the availability of Rubix, a line of audio interfaces for Mac, PC and iPad. The Rubix audio interface line consists of the Rubix22, 24 and 44. Each multi-platform interface is low noise with transparent mic preamps and support for audio resolutions up to 24-bit/192kHz. Rubix22 is a two-in/two-out model with dual mic preamps. […]

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Roland GO: MIXER Compact Audio Mixer for Smartphones Is Now Available


Roland announced the availability of GO:MIXER, a compact audio mixer for smartphone video production. Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones, GO:MIXER connects digitally via an included cable, providing clear stereo sound that’s a marked upgrade over using the phone’s built-in mono mic or analog line input. With multiple inputs available, users can connect a mic, musical instruments and media […]

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Roland Announces VR-4HD High-Definition AV Mixer


Roland today announced the introduction of its VR-4HD High-Definition AV Mixer — a portable AV Mixer that integrates a digital audio mixer, video switcher, multi-viewer touch screen and USB video/audio streaming interface into a stand-alone device. The VR-4HD has three dedicated HDMI inputs (1080p/1080i/720p resolutions). A fourth input includes a scaler to support both video […]

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Roland Now Shipping Its V-1HD High-Definition Video Switcher


Roland announced it’s shipping its V-1HD Video Switcher, a four input HDMI switcher with compositing effects and creative video switching capabilities and HDCP copy protection. The V-1HD can also be controlled by the companion PC/Mac or iPad application when connected by USB. The V-1HD includes two HDMI program and preview outputs and a stereo audio output. The […]

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Roland Debuts Its V-1HD Switcher/Mixer Combo


Roland today announced the introduction of its V-1HD Video Switcher — a four input HDMI switcher integrated with a 12-channel audio mixer for mixing stereo audio from HDMI and external stereo audio sources and its dedicated microphone input. The V-1HD includes two HDMI program and preview outputs and a stereo audio output. The V-1HD allows for picture-in-picture […]

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Roland Introduces Compact M-5000C Live Mixing Console


Roland’s Professional A/V division just launched the M-5000C Live Mixing Console. Measuring under 30 inches (74 centimeters) in width and weighing just 70 pounds (32 kilograms), the compact M-5000C maintains the quality and many features of the flagship M-5000, aiming it at theaters, portable churches, OB trucks/vans, touring or any application demanding power and flexibility […]

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New Version 2.0 of Roland XS Series Multi-Format Matrix Switchers Introduced


Roland has announced a version 2.0 update for its XS Series Multi-Format Matrix Switchers. The XS Series rack mount switchers offer features benefiting both live production and fixed installations, enabling processing and switching of digital or analog video sources to multiple outputs simultaneously. New 2.0 features include uninterrupted output mode switching, cross dissolve switching, PGM/PST […]

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Roland Intros New Dante-Enabled M-5000 Live Mixing Console


Roland has announced support for Audinate’s Dante audio networking solution as an optional expansion card in its new M-5000 Live Mixing Console. Supporting Dante in addition to REAC, MADI and Waves SoundGrid positions, the new Roland M-5000 Live Mixing Console and the O.H.R.C.A platform as one of the most openly networked audio consoles on the […]

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Roland Shipping VC-Series Multi-Format Video Converters

Roland Systems Group announced at InfoComm that the company is shipping the EDIROL VC-200HD and VC-300HD multi-format video converters. The video converters have the ability to scale any input to multiple standard and high definition resolutions, including 1080p as well as HDV input and output. The VC-200HD and VC-300HD offer bi-directional conversion and scaling between […]

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